Apply These 5 Factor to a Make Your Web Design Look Professional to the Core


If I ask you how many websites you visit daily and how many of them do you like for their design, I am sure to get conflicting answers. On average, we go through dozens of websites daily but like only one or two of them.

This happens because most of the companies don’t pay much attention to their web design. This is akin to letting yourself down for one of the most important aspects and a great chance to engage the visitors to your website. 

What are some of the factors that work for a website’s design for certain? Everyone would like to know about this, but many people still don’t act upon it in spirit.

If you are looking to attract visitors from a specific city like Dubai, you need design elements that cater to the cultural norms of the city and UAE as a whole. 

Please go through the following five factors and apply them in spirit to make your website stand out in the crowd and with a professional touch to it.

1. Use of Colors

This one is perhaps the most neglected aspect by most companies as they think of it as something not that important. Have you ever thought about why businesses related to restaurants and food outlets always use the red color in their menu and website?

This is to entice the users and invoke hunger. Colors are important for websites as the human psyche treats setting colors in a particular way. The apt use of colors can offer amazing results to a website and make it a success.

Web-safe colors like green and blue are used by most designers worldwide because most visitors think of it as something easy on the eyes. Yes, red is a bold color, but it invokes hunger and makes people think about munching something.

Just like green color, like greenery, is soothing to look at. Use colors according to the product or service, and it will do wonders for your website. 

2. Scroll-Triggered Animation 

It is very much self-explanatory, but the effect of this seemingly small factor can reap huge benefits for any website. Think about small animation that is not completely visible and will make a visitor curious as to what it is.

As he will scroll down, he will see the animation in its entirety. This is a smart way to make a user go to a particular section of a website. 

Websites can educate their visitors about a product or service they would like to highlight, and scroll-triggered animation can do the trick for them. If you find it difficult to tackle this issue and think that this will not positively impact your website, there are solutions available.

You can always get support from a prominent web design Dubai company that can be your savior in this regard.

3. Novel Illustrations and Imagery

Illustrations and graphics are used on most websites, but their effect on our website can be amazing. Illustrations can add a fun element to a website that is something other than usual.

Because not many websites incorporate this feature, this comes out on a website as a refreshing change. That’s why websites can get a good response from their visitors. 

Talking about imagery, high quality, and original images can greatly affect the minds of the visitors of any website. Using stock images but not work for any business is very common and available on every other website.

Visitors looking at those images will not be used as they will think that you have just copied the images from another website. The use of a novel and original image is a versatile way to add a visual element to the website for the best results. 

4. Hamburger Menu

The hamburger gets its name having an uncanny resemblance with the hamburger we eat. While developed in 1981, mobile apps and their mobile versions were the first to incorporate this on their screens.

But its effectiveness was discovered after the menu at the top couldn’t hold much information. After 6 to 8 titles, the space on the top effectively ends, and that’s why a hamburger menu comes in handy. 

In simple words, it is a design through which a complete menu can be hidden behind the hamburger icon. And it is clicked, the entire menu drops down so that everyone can see its content.

For mobile websites and any bottles trying to offer multiple titles and further information about their products, it is a good way to hide all the extent formation behind the menu.  

5. Use of Negative Space  

In the end, I would like to put my emphasis on the use of negative space to the best effect. Most of the websites think of their web page as something that has to be filled. That’s why they try to cover every inch of their website, even if it doesn’t relate to the product or company. An example will offer my readers exactly what I am trying to connote.

Think of a website that is filled from top to bottom with content. Right from written text, images, and videos, the website is filled. What will be the effect of such a website on the visitors? Do you think that they will be impressed by all that is available on the web page? Most visitors will not appreciate this effort as not everyone likes to go through a page filled with content from top to bottom.

Negative space can highlight a particular aspect on our websites, such as an image or a CTA. If you like to have the best effect on any of the aspects you would like to highlight, think about negative space.

Negative space draws attention today without any distraction, and this is the ultimate goal of all the websites. Think about it deeply, and you will get your visitors hooked on to your website. 

Final Word 

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or ask a question, don’t be shy and speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.