Top 3 Global Industries That Need Translation Services the Most

Global Industries That Need Translation Services the Most

When you look at the global economy, we live in a world where many countries are partners and customers. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), international trade is continuously growing every year, where $12.4 trillion was made in international trade alone last year, according to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

A large portion of that sum was spent on translation services because different languages are spoken in different countries.

Just about every organization that has a global plan is looking for translation services. That’s because modern people rarely like to restrict themselves to just one language. The three industries listed in this post below have been doing business with international markets for many years, which shows their need for translation services.

ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

The information and communications technology (ICT) industry is a fast-growing segment of the economy with diverse services and products. This has led to the widespread use of multiple technical documents, which need to be translated into various languages to cater to global customers.

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There are many ICT Technical Documents out there (i.e., operating manuals, service/maintenance manuals, guides, datasheets, web content, and other supporting documents used by myriads of companies to assist their customers).

Most of the technical documents have some information that is in English and some in its local language. It will definitely help your target market (say, for example, South Africa) if you translate those signed up to your translation service providers website into their local language so that they can have a better understanding of the product or service they are about to buy from your connected company across the Globe.

MLS (Medical and Life Science)

Medical and Life Science (MLS) should be seen as an extension of the pharmaceutical or medical equipment and pharmaceutical industries. Medical translation also includes quality control and the audit of processes and documents.

Translators working in the medical and life science industry specialize in translating documents relating to major health concerns like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, mental health, and smoking.

The medical and life sciences industry requires technical translation services to translate technical, legal, financial, or medical texts such as scientific documents, patents, abstracts, or clinical research studies.

Each piece of text is assessed individually according to the following criteria; how specific it is to your field of work, how technical it is, what resources are available for translations, and whether you have in-house resources to provide this service.

BF (Banking and Finance)

What happens if you are trading globally and don’t provide your users and clients with the option to read your website or documents in their language? Having content available in local languages can be a deciding factor for your online business success. A well-thought-through translation strategy is often the key to extending your market reach.

Although the Internet is an invaluable tool connecting businesses worldwide, there are still customers who prefer to have their own documents translated. Documents such as license agreements or product catalogs that contain wording unfamiliar to foreign customers must be translated. This helps ensure sales are not lost due to language barriers or misunderstood items.