21 Awesome Coworking Spaces for Freelancers in London

Check out these best coworking locations for freelancers in London

London is still one of the most attractive cities in the UK to work and live. Therefore, the city attracts thousands (if not millions) people each year, and some of them are freelancers.

Being a freelancer means you have to find a nice and quiet place where you can get your job done. And here’s the list of the 21 best coworkings in London for that.

Best Coworking Spaces for Freelancers in London

Rainmaking Loft London offers a great professional tech community in addition to the access to private phone booths, free coffee, showers and a space for events.

Huckletree has two locations in different parts of London with Skype booths and coffee clubs, in both of which you can take dogs.

White Bear Yard is a coworking space for creative professionals, where you’ll get free lunches, tea, coffee, and an access to shower rooms.

Central Working is a network of 5 coworking locations in London that will stimulate your freelance productivity.

Uber Office is an inspiring coworking space in London that has everything to boost your productivity and motivation to get all the tasks done.

Cooks Yard is a quiet and cozy coworking where you’ll feel at home from the moment your step your foot there.

Club Workspace is another large network of coworking spaces that allows access to any of its locations everyday along with a number of  hosted events.

TechHub London is a part of the global TechHub network that has partnership with Google to support tech startups and entrepreneurs.

90 Mainyard is a home for freelancers and entrepreneurs with 24/7 access to your desk and unlimited coffee supplies.

Level39 is 80,000 sq feet large, which makes it the biggest accelerator space in Europe. It has hosted thousands of events and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Warner Yard is a great location to work and enjoy collaboration with fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs. You’ll be able to use meeting rooms, call booths, printing and kitchen facilities.

THECUBE is a friendly professional community that will make your work comfortable and enjoyable.

Winkley Studios a home for freelancers and businesses, that also offer free fibre Internet and unlimited coffee.

Greenhouse London a coworking and a well-being space with two locations that have media labs, yoga studio and conference rooms.

WeWork has 11 locations in London, and facilities and prices vary depending on your address (but all of them are great).

@Work Hubs is an affordable coworking for freelancers and small businesses that are happy to spend all their time together.

Innovation Warehouse is a wonderful option if you’re a digital developer, as it’s the specialty for this location.

Impact Hub is offering 4 locations in London only, and is also a part of an international network of coworking spaces and accelerators.

The Hatch is great for creative freelancers and also offers a minimalist style and modern technologies that will surround you while you’re working.

Third Door is definitely for you if you’re a stay at home freelancer with a small child to take care of – this coworking has an equipped nursery on-site.

The Office Group has 10+ locations in London to choose from, so every freelancer will find the best option.

Hope you can pick one (or several) options from this list!