5 Best Growth Hacks to Boost Your SaaS Business

If you think turning your small SaaS startup into a successful company with millions of user base is an impossible task, think over it again. You may be wondering if we are going to recommend you to invest a lot of money and be ready for plenty of hard work. No. Take heart: By experimenting a little with growth hacks, you can reach your goals much faster than you think it is possible.

A great number of developers and founders have used growth-hacking to achieve seemingly impossible growth. You can use the same approach to emulate PayPal, Hubspot, Airbnb, and Quora and increase your customer base.

There are some low-cost and creative ways to place your product before the users. You can follow these five growth hacks to increase the user base of your SaaS businesses.

Use Referral Program

What is more convincing, a friend’s recommendation or an ad? For most of us, a friend’s recommendation is more meaningful and convincing. Because of this, you need to develop and implement a referral program on your platform for your SaaS business.This is one of the most productive growth hacks to increase the number of signups.

Uber earned a lot of publicity for its referral program in which the company paid $20 to customers who recommended the service to their friends. But if you have a small startup with limited resources, you can offer a value-based program as DropBox did. It witnessed a sharp growth after the company offered free storage as part of the referral program.

Not only will it get your SaaS products more number of signups, but it also motivates your existing customers to get more engaged and keeps them returning to your platform repeatedly.

Content Marketing Strategy

For driving organic growth, content marketing is essential. But it can also cut down the user acquisition cost. Creating engaging and educational content is a low-cost method to develop brand trust among your target audience and turn readers into customers.

Buffer App made its entry at a time when the market was flooded with social media tools, yet they were able to distinguish themselves through stellar content. Today, Buffer App is famous as much for its software as it is for its blog.

Don’t forget to use buyer keywords in your blog posts. You should develop a content marketing strategy that allows your content to motivate and guide consumers throughout the buyer’s journey. For your SaaS business, this will turn out to be a source of new leads and conversions.

Tap Affiliate Marketing

How about a top influencer endorsing your SaaS company?

That is possible when you join an affiliate marketing website. Affiliate marketing is an effective growth hack for you to increase brand trust and grow the customer base. It’s also a low-risk game. You need to pay only when your affiliate partners make a sale for you.

Bluehost has engaged many leading bloggers to work as affiliate partners. For example, famous blogger, writer, and coach Elna Cain recommends her readers in an exclusive offer to sign up Bluehost.

You can think of joining a third-party affiliate site such as ShareASale, which is a major affiliate platform with a massive network of highly active affiliate partners. If you join a popular affiliate site, your SaaS company will have greater exposure and top affiliates working for you. A large number of online influencers recommending your business will definitely push brand awareness and lead to quality traffic to your site.

Use Retargeting Pixel

If a user checked out your site and left without making a purchase or signing up, he is probably gone forever and you’ve lost a chance to convert them. But if you have a retargeting pixel in place, you can convince and motivate these visitors to visit your site again and make the purchase.

A retargeting pixel “follows” the user, who has left your site, around the web, on Google and Facebook, through targeted ads seeking to gently convince this person to return to your site.

App Annie employs a retargeting ad, which provides free signup to lure consumers to get back to its site and sign up.

Offer Limited-Period Free Trial

As a large number of SaaS products compete for consumers’ attention, you need to sweeten up your offer to motivate people to buy. Generally, before making a buying decision, the customers like to find out more about the products on offer and how they work. So offer a limited-period free trial to users.

Rafflecopter allows its users to test its giveaway software on its website. There is no need to even sign up to check out the features it promises.

Once the users have an idea of what your product intends and how it can help solve their problems, it will be much easier to convert them into customers. If you combine your hard work with an effective growth-hacking strategy, your SaaS startup will benefit immensely. So, there is no point to wait for anymore. Get on with these simple growth hacks and put your SaaS business on a high growth trajectory.

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