Best Email Writing Tricks That Work: Newest Marketing Trends

Email marketing is the utilization of emails for the promotion of products and services to a specified audience. This mode of marketing has come a long way but has gradually advanced and now has new trends that are super amazing. 

After the invasion of the coronavirus, many business people adopted the online world and this gave rise to many trends in marketing, and email was never left behind. To ensure that you are on the top of the game, ensure you learn these new trends as discussed in this article. 

Authentic Personalization 

One of the biggest ways you can grab the attention of a client is by addressing him/her personally. You can achieve this by using the automated personalization scale which sends targeted emails to each of your subscribers. These emails will make them feel special. 

In 2021, the percentage of email automation sent has rapidly increased by over 60%. Marketers have realized that by comprehensively personalizing their emails, their sales increase. This is an important trend as it saves you time and energy since you will just have to type one email and it will personalize and send it to dozens of your subscribers. You will be able to focus on other businesses. 

This is a very hot trend and you should collect as much data as possible from your clients and feed it into Artificial Intelligence for optimization. Many people will agree to give you their details anticipating that you will use it to serve them better. So, it is very necessary to include the name of the recipient and also consider adding a personalized mark. 

It’s a trend that is rapidly growing day by day and the business world is predicted to focus on it in 2021 and 2022 rather than on elements of marketing. This is how you can succeed on this trend: 

· Send emails focusing on the recipient’s behavior. 

· Recommend and advise your recipients on products. 

· Direct your focus on products by audience segments. 

· Direct your focus on promotions by audience segments. 

Visual Email Marketing 

The human brain process visuals 60,000 times faster than written material. This has made marketers direct their focus on visual email in a bid to promote their products. 68% of them have confessed visual email to be a very important tool of advertisement. 

You grab the attention of the recipient by including different types of visuals like 3D images, gifts, videos, and cinemographs among many others. This however doesn’t mean that plain text emails aren’t productive but brands increase up to seven times the conversation rate by using visuals. In 2021 and the coming years, businesses are most likely to adapt using a visual email marketing strategy. 

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Optimization 

Most businesses have also embraced the use of AI in email marketing. This is because AI is able to handle its duty of evaluating the huge amount of data available online with minimum effort. This is not the case with online marketers even with their high technology and tools. 

The AI speeds up your email marketing task and relieves you of the burden of sending thousands of emails by hand. However, it can be very expensive and therefore you are advised to do your research before deciding where to install it in your system or not. 

AI has multiple functions which include: 

· Optimization of the survey. 

· Cleaning up those clients that aren’t responding to your emails. 

· Reorganizing and personalizing email campaigns. 

· Processing large amounts of clients’ information at a go and adding the keywords. 

· Giving headings to emails. 

· Analyzing and predicting outcomes. 

Use of Newsletters 

Newsletters are regarded to be the oldest email marketing strategy. Email, on the other hand, has gradually grown with time and has developed to be a conversational tool that helps you share your ideas. Through them, you can share your business insights and converse with your clients. 

Another terrific way of giving value to your subscribers is sending them newsletters on industry updates, news, and thought leadership pieces. You can also incorporate relatable and relevant summaries of your news from reputable sources. 

You can go through the email newsletters that you find in your email and see the best structure. You can as well as look into the AVADA Marketing Automation and see the variety of templates for different occasions. A good-looking newsletter with a perfect format and eye-catchy images grabs the attention of the recipient and that is one step towards reaching your marketing goals. 

What Are the Benefits of Email marketing? 

Email marketing is used by dozens of businesses across the globe. But, do you know why the method is considered effective? These are some of the reasons: 

COST-EFFECTIVE – This is an obvious reason as promotions through emails are far much cheaper than the use of mainstream media. You can save on costs like those of printing, postage, and exposure fees, and all that you might decide to install is just automated software to evaluate your emails. 

PERMISSION-BASED RECIPIENTS – You are able to send the emails to your subscribers who have only chosen to be receiving them. This is a very big win for your business as you are only able to reach those interested. 

BOOST REVENUE – This is a great method that propels the aspect of impulse buying as your potential customers will witness your offers without the need of pressing a button. This will have the positive result of increasing your business’s sales. 

EASY TO START – You can start them easily as you don’t require a great team in order to be successful. You can also make your emails more interesting with fancy videos, photos, and the content of your emails. 

MEASURABLE – This is another key factor as you can be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the method by use of web analytic software. It also gives you room for improvement by designing more effective copies. 

REAL-TIME MARKETING – The immediacy that comes with emails allows you to observe their impact within a very short time. Your recipients can take action within 24 hours thus proving the effectiveness of email marketing. 

Adoption of BIMI 

According to a report released by DMA, in April this year, 68% of people have to recognize the brand on email before opening it, otherwise, they will just ignore it. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the Brand Indicator for Message Identification (BIMI). BIMI allows marketers to display logos alongside their messages for clients to recognize their brands. 

This is why you should adopt BIMI: 

§ It increases the conversational rate. 

§ It ensures the higher deliverability of your emails. 

§ It boosts the growth of your company’s brand by exposing its logo. 

§ Builds transparency of your business thus building trust with your clients. 

Tips for Writing Better Marketing Emails 

Writing the Subject Line 

You should employ all your creativity on the content of your subject line. This is what will determine whether the recipient will open and read your email or not, therefore, you must nail it. Consider these things when writing your subject line: 

o PERSONALIZE IF POSSIBLE – Recipients will feel special by either mentioning their names, cities they come from, age bracket, etc. This will trigger them to open your email. 

o CLARITY – Your subject line should be clear, funny, whimsical, and catchy to be effective. You should, however never sacrifice clarity for entertaining purposes. The recipient should not open the email and finds the opposite of his/her expectation. 

o USE ACTIONABLE LANGUAGE – This does not mean you should only use verbs but you can play with wording to make sure the recipient opens the email. In other words, value the user. 

Writing the Marketing Email’s Body 

Now that you have grabbed the attention of the recipient by your catchy subject line, how should your body look like? Check out these important components: 

o ESTABLISH RELEVANCY – Just like the subject line ensure you maintain personalization. You should take the first few lines to explain how you know the recipient. 

o WRITE IN THE SECOND PERSON – This means using the pronoun you, yours, and your. It shows the reader that the copy was meant for him/her. This tactic helps the reader feel valued. 

o SAY OF THE BENEFITS AND NOT FEATURES – Remember that the recipient doesn’t know the value of your email, so, it is your duty to explain to him/her. Therefore, you should focus on enlightening the recipient on the benefits of your product or service. 

o BE BRIEF – Many people don’t like reading and if you write a very long email, they can get bored easily. You should only include the important details in your email. You may also always check the tips and experiences of other people online. Let the recipient get the rest of the information from the website. 

Final Thought 

The above-discussed trends in email marketing prove that email is still the most effective tool of marketing despite the many social media platforms that are regarded to be better.  With the huge and rapid movement to online modes of marketing, email has proven to have a unique and relevant strategy. Armed with these key trends in email marketing, you will observe the rise in your sales if you observe and utilize them properly.