The Best Photographer Invoicing Tips

Find out the best way to get your photographer invoicing paid

One of the best parts of photography is being involved in his or her passion, while one of the worst parts is finding photographer invoicing tips that ensure you get paid on time, every time.

There are in fact many reasons that photographers feel helpless or overwhelmed by their invoices.

If your photographer invoicing is overdue, then that means those photographers will not have adequate cash flow to meet their financial obligations.

That’s why today we’ll look at the best ways to boost your photographer invoicing and ensure you get your money in a timely fashion.

Start using invoicing software

There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to still be using paper or invoicing templates. While those are great, seeing as you don’t have to create your own invoices from scratch, they are still inefficient in many ways.

That’s why there’s such a thing as online invoicing software. This means that, because it’s online, your data and your customers‘ data will be available anywhere there is an internet connection.

That means you’ll just need to log in, quickly enter the specific details of the invoice, and get it sent out to your clients in less than 2 minutes.

Write down your prices

Another important thing to do is to make sure you’ve got your prices set and communicated to your clients.  This will help with your photographer invoicing.

When you’re setting your prices, you should take into account your age, location, experience, speed and quality of service, and the general level of competition in your area or niche.

You can use one (or more) of three ways to charge your photography clients:

  • time plus cost – the time to complete the project and associated costs
  • lump sum – one price for your photography services
  • upset limit – charge hourly until you hit a maximum where you can’t charge any more

Start adding late penalties

Clients can be late in their invoice payments from time-to-time. But, unfortunately, that means your photographer invoicing is not going to be paid adequately.

This is a condition that happens to lots of photographers, and there are hundreds of online forums dedicated just to that.

One surefire way to make sure your clients pay photographer invoicing is to charge late penalties for invoices paid late.

You can do this by charging a flat fee (say, $50 per month) or a percentage (such as 5-10%) on a regular basis.

This will provide an incentive for your clients to pay your photographer invoicing on time.

Get your photographer invoicing paid faster

There are of course many ways you can make sure your photographer invoicing is paid faster. These steps listed above will get you much closer than anything else.

With your photographer invoicing getting paid faster, you’ll have much better cash flow to invest in your equipment and your business.

Good luck!