Make Sure Your Employees Submit Their Timesheets Faster

These are the best ways to get your employees to submit their timesheets on time every time

If you’re involved in the type of business where you invoice clients based on hours worked, if you have missing timesheets, that could mean that your invoices won’t be fully paid.

Timesheets are crucial for hourly services, but getting employees to submit them on time can be quite difficult sometimes.

This could be because the employees themselves are forgetful or demotivated to submit their timesheets in a timely manner. It could also be because those hourly billing employees (such as consultants or lawyers) are actually quite busy.

That’s why you need, for both situations, to find ways to make submitting timesheets an easy process.

We’ll list some of the best ways you can get your employees to submit their timesheets faster below.

Method #1: Use remote access

One of the best, and most dependable, ways is to use remote access where they can submit timesheets online.

For the most part, accountants, lawyers and consultants normally work out of the office and they may not be able to get to their office computers.

By having a secure website where they can easily submit timesheets, they’ll have no excuse not to.

Method #2: Use multiple devices

Because these hourly billing workers are often very busy and out of the office, they may not have the time to log into their particular computer or even laptop they may carry.

For many, it would be easier to submit it on the tablets or smartphones they have with them. That means you’ll need a system that can support multiple devices.

Method #3: Use automated reminders

In order to get your billing administrators to remind your employees to submit timesheets without having to send annoying emails, you can send automated system alerts.

These are not intrusive, nor do they require a lot of time for your team to read or send.

You can customize these alerts to be sent for certain time periods, when certain tasks are completed, or for any other benchmarks.

Method #4: Use integrated timers

It is best for your employees that you incorporate timers into their day-to-day business operations.

Instead of having to remember exactly how much time they spent on any particular job, they can track their hours in real-time.

This will help them record their work much more easily and get in the timesheets much faster.

Method #5: Use voice-to-text

One amazing thing is that voice-to-text technology has really taken off in the last few years. You can use it to your advantage.

Have your employees simply take notes by voice, and then have that transcribed by software. That way, they can take notes on the fly on their phone, tablet or computer.

Get the timesheets much faster

These are of course only some of the many ways that you can have your employees submit their timesheets faster.

Of course, with the right amount of strategy, you can have the success of better paid invoices with timesheets submitted that much more quickly.

Good luck!