Time-Saving Tips for Busy Freelancers

Freelancers typically enjoy a great deal of freedom in how they organize and go about their daily routine. Sometimes they’ll be compelled to work long hours from daybreak into the night, while other days they’ll have very little to do.

Driven by deadlines, time saved and optimized is of great importance for freelancers. As such, if you count yourself in the growing number of people who work in the freelance space, you’ll benefit from some time-saving tips.

This article provides four of the most important and valuable advice for those workers looking to save time as they work independently.

Tally Your Accounts As You Work

Far too many freelancers reach the end of the week or the month with their financial organization in disarray. They’ll find themselves fishing around for invoice amounts, or struggling to total up the amount of cash they’ve earned in the past week.

Once you finish a job – however large or small – as a freelancer, you should always enter it into your accounts, with an indicator for ‘invoice sent,’ and an indicator for ‘payment received.’ That way, you’ll always be on top of your earnings, and you’ll always be aware of when you’ve been underpaid.

Save On Materials

Sometimes as a freelancer, you’re forced to adapt and ‘wing it’ through periods of your employment, as different clients request different services of you in a different manner to that which you’re used to. This sometimes means you’re forced to purchase new materials or software to cope with the demands of your clients.

Always shop online for goods. You’ll find them cheaper and quickly delivered – from the ink you buy from the Cartridge Shop to the software you add to your laptop. Save too by keeping receipts and deducting these costs from your tax bill.

Work Email Address

Seeing as many freelancers begin their independent working lives in a casual manner, their personal inbox is often merged with their work one. This can cause complications down the line, as more and more personal mail finds itself buried in the depths of the correspondences you’re having with clients. As such, it’s a great tip to simply open a separate email account through which all your workflows. It’s simpler, easier to manage, and provides a little bit of breathing space between your personal and your business lives.

Outsource Where Convenient

Every now and then, you’ll be so overwhelmed with work, or there’ll be a part of your work that’s so tedious and basic, that it might be work outsourcing. You can do this in a variety of ways across a variety of disciplines, but the general idea is that you find a more junior freelancer – perhaps a student or young person – and give them some of your more basic work, which they’ll do for a small fee. This will free you up to work on the more advanced tasks, saving you time and making economic sense, too.

Freelancers are typically all about time optimization. This article looks at how you’ll be able to save yourself time while in the freelance game so that you enjoy all the perks of your variable off-time as it comes and varies through batches of work.