7 Ways to Advance Your Project Management Career

7 Ways to Advance Your Project Management Career

Many young professionals wish to pursue a career in project management. What will be your next step, once you have secured your position? What are the best ways to improve your project management career that will be rewarding and satisfying? Skilled individuals are more concerned about these questions since project management is becoming a career choice. 

By 2027, approximately 87.7 million individuals will accept positions in the project management field around the world. In comparison to 2017, this figure reflects a 25% rise. The need for project managers is booming as firms are adopting a more project-oriented approach by becoming more immersed in digitalization. Professionals with a diverse set of technical and soft abilities can advance their careers to a more senior role in project management. If your career has hit a plateau, keep reading the following seven tips on getting your career back on track.

  1. Earn Your Certification From PMP Certification Training

It is impossible to avoid taking PMP Certification training at least once. During the recruitment process, you won’t be taken seriously if you don’t possess certification and diplomas relevant to project management, no matter what your resume contains. Project managers can learn project management to handle even the most complicated operations with PMP Certification training. They are considered to be the highest benchmark in project management. These certifications can help you excel in your career as they are demanded by companies worldwide. 

  1. Experience Counts

A project manager must possess some strong certifications but hands-on experience is much more relevant than that. Most firms need practical exposure that is relevant to their unique business operations. Consequently, the more experienced candidate you will be, the more likely companies will be to hire you as their top talent. You will get better chances of career advancement because experience counts the most. 

  1. Develop A System For Managing Projects

Project management will become less relevant to your role when you start climbing the corporate ladder. You will be involved in the leadership role and strategic thinking will take the place of your routine task management and monitoring. A system is needed to manage the projects and free up some time for high-level thinking. You’ll have to devise methodical approaches to complete your projects successfully if you don’t want your prior efforts to be washed down the drain.

  1. Create A Growth Strategy To Excel In Your Career

Establishing a professional growth strategy does not have to be a time-consuming and comprehensive process. You can simply make a list of the professional objectives that you want to achieve and plan a roadmap to accomplish them. Assigning short timeframes to your growth strategy will give you some drive and boost your motivation. Work on your qualifications, skills, experience, network building, and updating your resume to advance your career. 

  1. Be The One Who Takes On The Challenging Projects

Don’t be nervous about taking risks as a project manager. If you want to advance your project management career, you should always be ready and accessible to handle complex projects. Accept the responsibility for difficult tasks when other project managers take a step back. It will assist you to achieve exposure within your firm and generate meaningful outcomes for your career growth.

  1.  Build Your Personal Brand Using Social Media And Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile 

Gone are the days when a document called a resume was considered the most reliable way of vetting applicants. Now personal branding on social media and updated Linkedin profiles has become the latest method to catch the attention of recruiters. LinkedIn gives you the ability to reach millions of users. You can build your personal brand, expand your network by connecting employers, hiring managers, and colleagues and share your professional accomplishments.

  1. Communication Is 90% Of Project Management

90% of a project manager’s time is spent interacting with others. Project managers must keep in mind that effective participation and communication with the team are needed to achieve successful results. The ability to outline a scenario-focused approach along with effective communication is vital when you advance in your career. 

The Bottom Line 

Navigating the professional path of project management can be complicated but it’s worthwhile. Since project management is becoming indispensable, enhancing your work experience can help you advance your career. These key aspects will push you in the direction of a better position in project management.