How to Inculcate Teamwork Through Fun and Games

Are you bored out of your mind after attending those hour-long presentations and in-house monotonous corporate events? Or are you looking for a fun and unique way to host a corporate event that will keep your employees engrossed in it for long? 

If you are out hunting for an out-of-the-box experience to spice up your otherwise mundane office event, check out the fantastic Breakout Escape Room in Bangalore! Be it an office party, a team-building event, or any other kind of corporate event; Breakout is your perfect destination.  

But how does Breakout enable corporations to include teamwork through escape rooms? To know further, check out the facts below that we have lined up for you in this article:  

A detailed guide to the Breakout Escape Rooms 

Breakout offers your employees several fun-filled and exciting escape room experiences. It has hosted over a thousand corporate events so far and has won the hearts of every guest. Not only does it offer a one-of-a-kind experience, but it also offers you an engaging, immersive, and adventurous experience that you are going to love.   

Some unique features of this place: 

  • Parking space is available inside the facility 
  • It organizes unique, fun-filled, and exciting games for corporate team outings 
  • Photoshoot options inside the venue are available 
  • Offers guests a wide variety of food platters to choose from veg and non-veg to continental food  
  • Offers guests their own private space along with a VIP lounge area 
  • You can also avail a professional emcee and photographer to make your corporate event even more memorable 
  • Breakout also offers guests a dedicated party coordinator who looks into every little detail of your event and makes it a cherished time for you! 
  • You can enjoy one of the best movie-styled escape room adventures at Breakout to lighten up your corporate event  

Why escape rooms are the best way to inculcate teamwork 

Escape rooms are not only the best ways to have an ice breaker amongst your employees but can also be a great way to teach the notion of teamwork. In an escape game, players find themselves willingly locked inside the game room. They only have about an hour in hand to solve the riddles and search for clues to get out of the room! 

Typically, an escape room requires players to brainstorm the tricky riddles and puzzles together and share discoveries; only then can they ace the game. Players need to help each other and think out of the box to solve the challenging puzzles inside the escape room. Therefore, without the proper team working abilities set in place, your team can never win the game. 

Each member needs to put in equal effort in listening to each other’s opinions and making the right decisions in the game. Teams need to divide their tasks equally themselves. Since time always seems to be short in the escape games, getting together and solving the puzzles become essential in the game. Thus, players can learn how to properly manage their time and work together towards the shared objective.  

Playing the escape rooms can be an inquisitive way to inculcate your employees’ teamwork capabilities. Especially since it all happens through players taking part and enjoying the escape games, you will notice how your employees unconsciously start playing as a team player! Hence, there is no doubt about how Breakout can help your team of employees to harness team working abilities.   

What are the other benefits of hosting a corporate event at Breakout? 

There are several other advantages of hosting your next corporate event at Breakout. Irrespective of age, gender, or even individualistic preferences, your team will love the adventurous trail of the escape rooms! The engaging and immersive trail of the mystery rooms also helps players to nourish their leadership skills as they lead their team to victory in the game. 

Since the escape rooms transport players to a whole new world, it can also be an effective way to relieve all your stress. The great ambiance of Breakout and the tasty treats and drinks served here are enough to ooze all your stress and worries in no time. You can dance or groove to the musical ambiance that Breakout creates for you as you enjoy the food and fun games at this venue.  


So, are you ready to host your next corporate event at Breakout? Make haste, and book a fantastic escape room adventure at Breakout for your upcoming corporate event!