The Importance of Having a Positive Company Culture

positive culture

Every company, no matter how big or small needs positive work culture within its ranks so the employees would feel motivated and appreciated. Mostly, people believe that money is the main and most important aspect of value. They believe that the higher the salary the more happy and respected they’ll feel. Unfortunately, some managers agree with this, too. The reality is somewhat different, though. When it comes to creating a strong brand, support of employees is significant and vital for the company to succeed. That’s where the work culture plays an important part – in creating loyal and devoted employees who will advocate for the company’s products and services.  

Management Decides on the Culture

Work culture is something that must be set by the management and for the employees. Results of the survey showed that 90% of interviewed CEOs believe that work culture is crucial for the survival of a company, while 50% of them found it a contributing factor to the overall success of the company and its brand. That’s why the company leaders are more than willing to use this approach for the good of the company and all its employees, but usually, make a mistake of not including others in the process.

In order for the work culture to be successful, leaders must work with all managers and rely on them to use the approach and ideology which is consistent with the company goals.

Attain the Right Talent

Your product and services will reach their peak and greatness only if you hire the right talent. If you employ the best expert or the most skilled person, you should consider not going under that standard. If as a company you gain a reputation of hiring only the best of the best you will be respected and valued not only by the outside public but also your employees. Their morale will be boosted and they will only want to achieve better results and improve the brand.

The best companies attract the most skilful professionals and current employees will gladly work with experts who are at the same level of knowledge and expertise as they are.

Appreciate your employees

The most common mistake among the leaders and managers is the lack of appreciation for the accomplishments of their employees and their dedication to the company’s goals. Under-appreciation is the main cause for losing employees and 65% of respondents in the Gallup research stated that don’t feel like their work and dedication are recognized in the company. From the manager’s point of view, this may seem like a waste of resources and that success is enough proof that the employees are doing a great job.

But if doing little things like writing appreciative notes to the employees on the DisplayMe glass white boards can be enough and charming, and have the same effect as praising them for something.

Promote collegiality

Concentrate on creating healthy work environment without backstabbing and rivalry circumstances. Employees are not puppets and you can’t tell them who to like or dislike. Their behavior will depend upon their individual personalities. But if you create a work environment which will promote solidarity and support among the employees, they will start abiding by those principles and start considering their co-workers as though they were family members. If you reward this type of behavior you will create positive incentives for it to prevail and continue in your company. Of course, the best example will be set by you, so be ready and willing to respect and adhere to your own moral and ethical codes in order for your employees to follow.

Welcome their ideas

You never know where the good idea might come from, so encourage your employees to brainstorm and always come to their managers and superiors with suggestions and proposals. If you have to turn them down, then do it politely and without discouraging them to continue their engagement in the new and improved initiatives for the brand and the company. Allowing them to participate in the improvement of the company and be part of the team, they will be inspired to offer their best.

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To conclude

As soon as you start integrating the work culture in your offices and among the employees, you will see the benefits of creating a healthy environment in your company. The work culture is not something that can disappear easily once it’s accepted and incorporated into the everyday schedules. It will become a standard and as such an integral part of the company ready for success.