Set Up Your Business in Less Than a Month

Find out how you can set up your business in less than a month

You may not believe it, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult to set up your business.

In fact, to set up your business in less than a month is not only possible, it’s actually quite easy.

With the rise of the internet, it’s become much faster to fill out your documentation, set up your site or presence, and find your customers.

In order to set up your business correctly, you need to follow these important steps first. And then you can have your business all set up and ready to make money in less than a month.

Get a crazy idea

The first thing you need to do to get your business off the ground is to get your business idea right.

But not just any business idea will do. Your business idea will need to be a bit crazy and a bit practical. But, most importantly, it has to be disruptive.

Think Uber. Airbnb. Facebook.

They all changed the way we interact with the social and business world, helping us do everything much more quickly and easily.

Just make sure your idea is something that actually excites you.

Keep everything low

When you set up your business, you don’t need to have an amazingly complex business plan. In fact, for the beginning, you just need something quick and dirty.

You need what’s known as a “minimum viable product,” a low-cost, absolute cheapest version of a viable product/service that is deliverable to the client.

When you have that, get it out to your first group of clients (even if it’s for free) and get feedback and testimonials. Use that then for your marketing to get your first paying customers.

Be super niche

Don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades when you set up your business. General stores don’t really exist anymore.

You need to find one super specific niche and stick with it. Once you have a good foothold in that, you can expand to related ideas, but don’t go too vague in the beginning.

Get your customers before anything else

Once you have your idea, niche and first customer beta tests out the way, you need to spend time on—finding your first paying customers.

Not on an amazingly beautiful website, or fancy social media tricks or making your product amazingly amazing.

No. Businesses make money from customers, and you need some. In fact, you’ll need more than just some to make it. But some is a good place to start.

Along with your minimum viable product, you need to do minimum viable marketing. Just enough that works to get your first paying customers, who will lead you to your next ones and so on.

Set up your business today

With these important but straightforward tips, you’ll be able to set up your business in no time at all.

OK, not in no time. Within 30 days. But you’ll be so busy hustling and getting your customers that it will feel like no time at all.

And then, in no time, you’ll start making money with your business, investing it, and expanding and pushing forward to more success.

Good luck!