3 Things Nobody Tells You About Digital Marketing

From being a mere blip on our radars, the World Wide Web has come to be an indispensable part of our daily lives. At a time when parents and children alike have access to complex devices that offer all of humankind’s knowledge within the palm of our hands, the Internet has truly revolutionized the way we live.

Of the several aspects of our lives that have been (positively and negatively) affected because of the internet, one that has really witnessed path breaking innovations is business. As the popularity of the internet soared, people not only found ways to monetize this platform but to use it as a supplement source of fresh customers for their existing businesses.

As a result, we can see more businesses claiming their space in the online world. However, there are still a significant number of businesses that are yet to start working towards building an online presence. Being a relatively new platform for several business owners, there are a few myths and apprehensions that surround digital marketing.

Let us address the most common ones of them and find out what they don’t tell you about digital marketing:

Digital marketing will not drive overnight results

Ethical digital marketing practices, the ones that drive long-term results, take time to show effect. Successful digital marketing has two aspects:

  • Increasing the visibility of your brand
  • Turning potential users into customers

In order to make the second step possible, it is important to ensure visibility. The same can be achieved through a number of means like search engines, social media, and email marketing. Visibility, however, depends majorly on your domain authority and social media presence. Higher domain authority results in better search engine performance, which is the primary source of traffic for several websites.

However, both domain authority and a significant social media presence take time to build, unless you have access to a virtually endless marketing budget.

Digital marketing is not just one thing

Digital marketing is a spectrum of several strategies that a business may employ in order to drive visibility and conversions. While many people only think of it as SEO (search engine optimisation) or social media marketing, there are several other aspects like conversion rate optimisation, backlink building, email marketing, banner ads, among many others.

In fact, if we only talk about SEO, even this one strategy has several moving parts that make it possible for a website to rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Google, the biggest search engine on the planet, judges website on 200 different metrics to decide their position in their SERPs.

Similarly, even for social media, there are numerous platforms that are part of our lives, each serving a different set of audience. It is natural that any business would only be present on those networks where their target audience is present. With different marketing tactics being used for different platforms and audiences, even social media marketing becomes an extremely complex affair.

Successful digital marketing is possible without driving large amounts of traffic to your website

Great digital marketing performance concentrates on conversions, the real metric that matters to business owners. While driving traffic is surely a great contributor in said conversions, for a business that offers a product/service, it should not be the point of focus. Instead, businesses should focus on driving relevant traffic on their websites and convert them into paying customers.

Bottom line, in terms of traffic, great digital marketing tactics concentrate on quality instead of quantity.


Digital marketing is fast gaining popularity and is leaving traditional mediums behind. If you have not already started working towards building a digital presence for your business, it would be a smart decision to start now and gain an edge over your competition. Remember to keep in mind the above things that nobody would tell you when you start your journey.