6 Insights into Human Behavior That Will Boost Your Sales and Marketing

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”

Gary Vaynerchuk (Marketing expert)

A few years back I came across a rather interesting concept of understanding human behaviour. The topic was of ‘transactional analysis’, which spoke about how people react in different situations. Come to think of it there are times different people react towards the same thing in different ways, and then there are times when the same people react to the same thing in a different way! Confused? Well, that’s just how complicated and complex not to forget confusing the human mind and emotions are. 

As complicated and hard to understand these human emotions are, it is also true that it is the same emotions and behaviour that results in them acting and thinking the way that they do. Believe it or not, human psychology and their behaviour influence their actions to a great extent. Why speaking about human behaviour and transactional analysis is important is because most marketing wizards and sales Guru’s understand and accept that all their campaigns need to carry a deep message that can help their customers connect with them instantly. 

Why does it happen so often that there are certain marketing campaigns that become an instant hit and some that don’t even see the light of the day? The one basic reason is because of the lack of a message that they can relate to or the fact that the campaign simply did not trigger that emotional reasoning. As a marketer if you want to ace the art of marketing and trump all the campaigns that you work on, it is important to understand human behaviour and psychology. As per the leading assignment writers at GoAssignmentHelp it is important to figure out and decipher what makes a human mind tick and what makes it go boom. All this and more is evidently critical for any successful sales and marketing campaign. So without wasting any more time let us take a joy ride to find out the marketing psychology that can boost your sales and marketing strategies. 

It’s Not About You, But More About Them

This should not come as a surprise for any person working in the marketing field! Trust us no customer wants to hear how better you are compared to the others, or how great you are in providing them with the services which by far is why they pay you in the first place. The thing that matters to them is how your product or service can help them and make their life easier. Your campaigns should highlight and illustrate how you can help them rather than telling them a cock and bull story of how influential or great your product is. Don’t state the obvious tell them something that they don’t know? 

Curiosity Will Intrigue Your Audience

Have you ever come across an advertisement or a marketing campaign that leaves you wondering and confused at the same time? In fact, some people believe the one thing that sets us apart from the rest of the animal species is our curiosity. To come to think of it isn’t it true that curiosity is the mother of all inventions that have happened over all these years? We wanted light, Thomas Edison’s curiosity lead to the invention of the light bulb. As a marketer, it is important to include some message which stirs the curiosity of a customer rather than a blatant redundant message. So go challenge them and give them something worth thinking about!

What You Give Is What You Get

Quite similar to the regular technique of give and take, it is important for most advertising and marketing personnel’s to understand that their customers also need to get some reciprocation in return. Now, it is important to know that one doesn’t need to set aside a large amount of money to give fancy giveaways. It can be something as simple as a sweatshirt, or a diary or even a pen, anything even like a handwritten note that sends them the message that their affiliation to our brand is appreciated. After all, it’s the thought that counts and not the value of it all. 

Always Be Positive and Constructive

One of the biggest give away we can give to marketers and advertisers is to be positive and constructive. All the people around you will want to hear and see what they believe. If you come out with an advertising campaign for an education app that says ‘decrease the stupidity of your child by powering them with our educational app’, well it will be a suicide mission that no one will go to. Instead, if you say ‘help increase the potential of your child with the aid of our smart app’, it is sure to do wonders. No matter how true no one wants to believe anything negative which is why each of your campaigns needs to be filled with plus points and positivity. 

Make Convenience the Key

If you haven’t understood it already here is a tip that you need to keep in mind, people are becoming increasingly lazy! While working on a marketing or sales campaign you need to be mindful that you don’t make it such that a customer has to work a lot to buy it. You need to strategize and come up with the ease factor which can give them instant gratification because let’s face it no one wants to work too much for it! The key is to make it a customized solution which makes it easy for them to purchase your product/service. The moment you ask them to fill in too many details or make the process very lengthy, your ship is bound to sink even before it sets afloat. 

Excite Them with The Scarcity Key

How often have you come across advertisements and hoarding that read ‘limited time offer’ or ‘offers while stocks last on the limited edition’? And every time a customer reads something exciting like this they tend to immediately go and purchase it. Working on the scarcity principle is the master trick that one can play. However, you need to make sure that there is that kind of demand in the market and your product/service is worth all that attention and high pricing. 

As much as the advertising and marketing arena has changed over the last few years, it is also true that it has become more powerful and influencing as well. The power of advertising and marketing is at your disposal and it is totally up to you to unlock its potential and use it to your maximum advantage.