6 Proven Local Email Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


Looking for a great way to reach your customers without spending a lot of money? Email marketing is your answer! As a small business owner, you must know how crucial it is to generate leads and keeping your customers engaged. One of the best ways to do this is through Email Marketing. 

It’s a great way to reach the local market, and it won’t blow your marketing budget out of proportion either.However, finding proven email marketing ideas can even stump the most pro marketers. While the ultimate goal may be pretty obvious – increasing revenue – you need to be conscious of providing value to the customer and increasing their loyalty. 

So, how can you do that without breaking your bank? Through Email Marketing! In this article, we have jotted down 6 proven local email marketing ideas that you can use to ensure that your emails hit all the right notes. 

Let’s get started!

Provide Sign-up Incentives

Why should someone register to your website, what’s in it for them? Are you giving them discounts, coupons? Incentivize the sign-up, so your target market is more likely to subscribe to your scheduled emails.  

The core of the email marketing campaign is a relevant email list that can make all the difference when it comes to conversions. But growing your email list not only takes your time, but it takes a lot of effort too. That’s where sign-up incentives come in. 

Along with monetary benefits, non-monetary benefits are excellent as well. Ease of use, accessibility, and simple format are some common elements which you should incorporate in your email marketing tactics. 

Make the Sign-up Easy

The first and perhaps the most crucial step is making people sign up to your list, so you have to make sure the process is pretty simple. You don’t need to ask for extensive information or have a long cluttered form. 

The best way to do it is to have a single click form where people enter their name and email and hit “register” To simplify things further, you can enable the option to join from social media accounts. 

Focus on the Content

Your content should be short, crisp, and clear. Even if your business is something that interests the reader, they will still stop reading if it’s too long, too boring, or too vague. 

Add an Irresistible Subject Line

To boost the chances of your email piquing your customer’s interest, you need to add an irresistible subject – something that triggers them to open it. The trick is to make them feel they would be missing out on a lot if they don’t open it. 

Optimize for Mobile

It comes as no surprise that more than 50% of emails are read over mobile phones, and most marketers have no strategy to optimize their messages for mobile. This shows one thing – you need to have a strategy for mobile and optimize your emails. 

Make Emails Easy to Scan/Read

Your email must be easy to digest for the customer, which means it should not have plenty of text, images and should be easy to scan. A crisp summary will also give it a nice touch. 

DIY Infographic

Text content may work for you, but Infographics, videos, gifs, and images are hard to ignore. They are a powerful marketing tool and a visual eye candy that people love to see. For instance, let’s suppose if you have a wiring business, you can email your clients useful information with visuals regarding various types of wires and there uses. You may send them information about coaxial cablesvs. Fiber Optics and so on.Make sure you add statistics about the benefits of installing residential data cables that your target audience just cannot ignore. 

Add Social

Your website is not the sole medium you can use to increase email subscribers. You can count on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network as well. To let people in your email know about your social platforms, the best way is to add the social buttons to your newsletter. This way, not only will your subscribers be able to connect with you, but they will also be able to share your content. 

Create a Calendar around Local Events

A local event focused calendar will allow your business to reach out to the local community and potential customers. Map out a calendar based on the important happenings around you, holidays, and more. Some of the ideas include:

Special Offers

Email special offers to your customers on festivals, patriotic anniversaries, historical events, and leverage them to make more sales. While you are emailing people, you can also add interesting facts about these historical events and make the email more appealing to your audience.

Promotions for Holiday Shopping

From Black Fridays to Christmas to Easter, there’s plenty to celebrate. And while it’s fun to celebrate, it’s also a great time to make some extra sales. Christmas is the best time for sales because people save all year to spend at the end of the year. 

Seasonal Offers

End of season sales are all the hype, so don’t forget to inform your customers about it with a catchy email. 

Craft a Winner Newsletter

They say your customers are your family, so isn’t it essential to keep them updated? What better way to do so than newsletters? Your newsletter should be packed with tips and tricks for your audience and should foster long-term loyalty as well.  

Add How-to Tips

Adding how-to tips in your newsletter related to your business is a great way to attract your audience to read the newsletter. 

Add Local Announcements

Is a new collection coming soon? Is a sale coming up? Has there been a change in the policies? Let your customers know about all the unique insights into your company. 

Reward Program

Most local businesses now use a loyalty or reward program to retain their customers in the long run. Add some great reward offers in your newsletters, such as special discounts, referrals, and much more. 

Analyze and Optimize

Whether it’s an SEO campaign or any social media marketing, you can’t forget a campaign after you have started it. You need to monitor the results and take corrective actions as you go. It’s a continuous process that you keep repeating until you get your desired results. 

Set up a Poll or Survey

To learn more about your customers, polls and surveys are a great way. You can not only find out local trends based on customer feedback but also future email marketing strategies. 

In Summary

To sum it up, email is an affordable yet powerful tool small businesses can use to boost their revenue and grow their business. Use the tips we have mentioned and keep your business running. How are you using emails to market your brand?