How to Use Blogging to Promote Your Business?

Blogging is an open window wherein people display their interests in the form of products and services to the outside world who are ready to consume good quality information and goods believing it to be valid. A blogger needs to think about how to make it more palatable. 

A blog should be attractive that it grabs an individual’s attention. But the universal concern is how?

Blogging has turned into an online business wherein a traveler is writing blogs about his adventures, food bloggers are busy showing off their culinary skills while SEO companies are busy promoting their products and services. It is a huge market out there, which needs the right strategy to strike the right audience to get the desired ROI.

Join me as I take you to various ways to promote your business. Before that let’s be clear with the basics.

What do you mean by Blog Marketing?

It simply means using original content, ideally a blog to reach your target audience. WordPress is the most common and popular platform. Publishing blogs in a regular period help to gain traffic to your website. This makes your brand name known and also caters with effective communication wherein the user can give his/her feedback on the same.    

Statistics that speaks for itself!

  • In 2019, Hubspot reported that 52% of content marketers say that blogging is their most critical content marketing tactic.
  • In 2019, entrepreneurs revealed that active blogs receive 97% more links, generate 67% more leads and score 5 times more conversations to their websites than those without active blogs.
  • In 2018, Hubspot reported that blogs are the 5th most trusted source for online information.   

6 Important Ways to Promote your Business

1. Giving a professional look

There are ‘n’ number of websites lying in the online space. How are you going to make your website stand out from the others?

Choose a theme that gives a professional yet decent look. Your website should be attractive and presentable that forces the user to wait and visit again! Purchase a catchy domain name that resembles the authenticity of the blog. The website should be user-friendly, so make it more self-hosting.    

2. Publishing authentic content

The golden rule is to maintain the originality and authenticity of your content. Portray yourself as an expert and make sure the topics are chosen as such it revolves around your brand. Give it a catchy title with the correct use of keywords and create an SEO friendly article.

Do a thorough research and make your article more useful by adding solutions or making it more relatable through news or interviews. Publish articles on a regular basis, it can be weekly or monthly.    

3. Making your blog more audience-oriented

Thinking about your topic? Just check your traffic history of the previous blogs and analyze the most trafficked blog. The blog topic should be chosen after understanding what your audience really wants. Catch up with the latest trends keeping in mind your target market.   

4. Motivating them to take action

Adding call to actions (CTAs) at the end of your blog can help the user to take the desired action. You need to inform your users about a discount, sale, new products or services, and even a subscription to boost sales.

This is the best way to connect to your audience. But make sure you use it correctly.

It can be written as :

  • Book your next adventure with us!
  • Don’t miss out. We are just a call away!
  • Buy now till supplies last!

5. Building better communication

Make a point to respond to your audience ASAP! Help them with small bullets or quick comments. Blogger needs to critically examine every customer feedback and work accordingly. Emails are powerful marketing tools which are considered to be the third influential sources of information for B2B business. An email newsletter can help connect to more people without shelling much.

As per statistics, Email had 3.7 billion users in 2017 and is expected to reach 4.1 billion by 2022. This is more than half the population!

6. Leveraging the power of social media

Posting blogs on social media are the most common and fastest medium to reach your audience. All you need is a proper social media strategy. Concentrate on your content, make it more relatable so that you receive more likes and shares.

Tag and follow influencers or thought leaders. Upload articles related to real examples, lessons learned from businessmen, interview series and likewise to build authority.

Blogging is the easiest and cheapest way to generate more revenue. Great content is expected to go a long way and may pave the way for better business goals. Improve consumer experience with a neat layout, professional blog and the right SEO tactics. Happy blogging to you!