Traffic 101: A Guide To Getting More People To Visit Your Startup’s Website

There are few more important things for your startup than increasing visitors to your website — whether that’s organic, referral, paid, or social traffic. At the end of the day, more visitors means more customers, and that means more money.

Increasing your traffic is simple when you use the right tools and tactics. From guest posts to email marketing, I’ll guide you through the best ways to get more people to visit your website.

Update your on-page SEO

Ranking highly in search engines gives you the chance of making your startup’s website the place your target audience comes for answers. Updating your website’s on-page SEO is the perfect way of boosting your rankings.

There are a couple of simple tricks you can use to improve your on-page SEO:

  • Include alt-text for all of your images: This lets search engines make a link between your images and your content topics.
  • Optimize your title tags: These are one of the most important parts of effective on-page SEO. Including your primary and secondary keywords increases your relevance for what you want to rank for.

Another great way to boost your on-page SEO is to check where your pages are ranking for certain keywords. Serpstat is a tool that shows how your pages rank for associated keywords. Using the tool’s filter options, you can see which of your pages sit on page two of Google’s SERPs and what content you have the best chance of moving to page one. Then, you can optimize these pages with the relevant keywords to improve your ranking.

Make the most from guest posts

Guest posts are great for driving traffic to your startup’s website. By writing guest posts for other sites you expose your content and brand to a new audience. By publishing guest posts on your own site you give another business a reason to link to your website. All you need to do is pick the right sites to strike up a guest post relationship with.

Tools like Ahrefs show you which websites can help to boost your traffic. By searching for the keywords relevant to your startup you’ll find the best performing websites and you can see the traffic each site gets. You can use this data to establish which sites are best to write a guest post for. My top tip when speaking to your chosen websites is to make sure you have the right point of contact – the marketing team will be your best bet, as they will appreciate the value you both get from guest posts.

Use email marketing to your advantage

Email continues to have the best ROI of any type of marketing, better than content, social media, or direct. It’s not only a great investment of your budget, but it’s also an excellent way of getting more people to your startup’s website.

Billions of people have email accounts and check their inbox several times a day. Sending an email to update them about your startup can bring a real boost to your traffic, so long as you include a link to your website in the email. There are two things you must remember, though, to get the most out of email marketing as a traffic source:

  1. Email subject line
  2. Target the right people

Your subject line needs to be perfect. Nearly half of your customers open their emails based on the subject line. To increase the chances of your emails being opened, keep your subject line short, sweet, and to the point. To help you write the best possible email subject line, use SubjectLine’s free rating tool. It scores your subject line out of 100 and offers advice on how to improve it.

Targeting the right people is about sending your email marketing out to the segment of your customer base that is most likely to engage with it.

If your startup is B2B you may want to try CommuniGator. It allows you to segment and track your email campaigns based on triggers you select. It also lets you create dynamic campaigns using the web behavior of the people in your email list. Allying this to the personalization available with CommuniGator means you can go even deeper with your targeting.

If your startup is B2C focused you could give Moosend a go. It’s software that allows you to use advanced segmentation, enabling you to send your emails to the right people at the right time. You can do this by setting up triggers to automatically send emails to customers who have reached goals you have set for them.

These goals can be things like a one year anniversary since they joined your email list, if it’s a customer’s birthday, or if you have a new sign-up. Using these tactics builds a stronger relationship with your customers, increasing your open rates and boosting email traffic to your website.

Create a lead magnet

I love a freebie and you’re lying if you say you don’t too. It’s not only us, though. Your customers would much rather you gave them something for nothing than asked them to pay for it. You can leverage free-loading to get more people to visit your website. How? By creating a lead magnet that gives them a freebie.

Lead magnets are a simple concept – you create a resource that gives people a financial, educational, or recreational incentive to engage with your business. There are many different types of lead magnet you can create. Some of the most simple to make include::

  • A contest: Such as the chance to win one or some of your products.
  • An educational resource: Create an eBook, or a training podcast.
  • A discount: Like 20% off for the next 20 visitors to your website.
  • A free course: Something that gives people a certificate they can share on LinkedIn.

Post your lead magnet on your social media outlets and advise your followers they need to visit your website to get the freebie you’re offering. For more on lead magnets, check out the great video below:

Getting more people to visit your website needs to be one of the top priorities for your startup. The lower your site visitors the smaller the number of customers you have and the less money you make.

Increasing the traffic to your website is cheap, quick, and easy – as long as you take the right steps. Use this article as your guide and put its tips into practice. Do that and you’ll see a noticeable increase in your traffic and welcome rise in your startup’s revenue.