How To Stand Out Against Your Competition

The wedding industry is known for being highly competitive. From dresses to food and everything else in between — there are many elements to consider when organising a wedding.

The UK wedding industry is worth £10 billion. Last year, the cost of a wedding reached an all-time high. The wedding industry is thriving, but in this busy industry comes a lot of competition. Suppliers need to promote their products and convince brides and grooms that they’re the best choice.

This is true of many industries, not just the wedding industry. When you’re in a saturated market, what makes your business one-of-a-kind? Here are some ideas to help you stand out from your competitors.

Be Personable and Knowledgeable

A wedding dress, like many other purchases, is a very personal and special product. Not only that, but brides could be spending a great amount of money on this item. Despite the rise of eCommerce, a study by PushON revealed that many shoppers prefer to buy expensive items in real life — not online. Naturally, any customer spending a lot of money wants to see the product first.

This is an excellent opportunity if your business operates face to face (whether retail, service or B2B). When potential customers or clients visit you, customer experience is key. Demonstrating product knowledge and offering a personalised experience to every customer can go a long way.

In the retail industry, shopping is more of an experience (consider the Apple store), and when customers do venture outside to shop, offering excellent customer service is one way to stand out from your competitors and get people talking about your business.

Find a Gap in the Market

In the wedding industry, there is a huge variety of products and services to choose from. The key to standing out is to offer something that nobody else is — is there a gap for something new or different?

This could be something you find a demand for or something you have personally struggled to find in a chosen market. Customer research prior to starting your business can illuminate a product or service you didn’t realise there was a need for. Filling the gap that your competitors aren’t is a super way to stand out.

Know Your Unique Selling Point

Every business is unique — but, do your customers know why your company is different? You need to let them know as clearly as possible what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. If you don’t know this yourself, how can you sell your business to others?

Examples of unique selling propositions are the lowest price, a product that can’t be found elsewhere or a product guarantee like no other. Your USP will largely depend on the industry you’re in.

The best way to let customers know your USP is on your website — as this is where the majority of your customers will find you. Make sure your competitive price, free delivery or unique products are clearly outlined on your top landing pages. From here, customers can see why you are different from the others.

Be clear about your values and what makes you special, and explain this to customers. Even in a competitive industry, it’s possible to stand out.