The Kind Of Proposal That Impresses Clients (instead of boring them!)

It’s not enough to come up with a well-written proposal for prospective clients, business partners or investors. You will need to come up with an impressive business plan that stands above the rest. 

For starters, you can create a web-based proposal off a customized template for the many benefits it can bring. 

Why You Should Consider A Web-Based Proposal 

PDF files may have been the norm 10 years ago, but technology has advanced so much that it’s no longer necessary to stick to an outdated medium. Not only is viewing a PDF on a mobile, tablet or laptop difficult, but chances are that you’d be missing out on key features that could lead to the client accepting your proposal. 

For instance, you can make the most out of off-the-ground editing and an interactive price table to ensure zero errors and having your client purchase add-ons and package plans right then and there. Attaching a PDF file in a YouTube video could be disastrous as your client can simply lose interest. Moreover, you won’t have analytics or tracking capabilities you can use to improve your piece. 

A master template from a web business proposal can accommodate a number of clients, thereby saving you time and effort to craft one proposal per particular client. A streamlined viewing experience makes it more engaging, which could be all you need to land an approval. 

Business proposal templates like this are a good way of creating a professional looking proposal, quickly. 

Make your web-based proposal shine by giving it these elements: 

1. Viewable On Any Device 

PDF proposals and Word docs will not impress future clients and investors. If you want to grab their attention, you will need to use any and all available technologies. 

Optimize your business plan so it can be viewed on any screen, whether in smartphones, tablets or 2-in-1’s. Set the auto scale aspect so your prospective partner will be able to view your proposal on any device without having to pinch to zoom or magnify. 

2. Embedded Tables, Spreadsheets and Videos 

Web business plans can be as interactive as you like, and there won’t be any limitations as to the kind of spreadsheet, table or videos you want to include without the client being redirected to another website or landing page. You can add product specs, case studies and demos to complement your proposal and empowering your investors to make a favorable decision right then and there. 

3. Notifications When Opened 

Enable notifications whenever your prospect views or opens your business proposal. With this, you can call them in a timely manner and get a higher likelihood of an approval. Digital proposals have an edge over their traditional counterparts as investors can sign the plan right then and there. 

Notifications can be tethered via email, Zapier, cascaded to Yammer, HipChat, Microsoft Teams or Slack. 

4. Live Chat Functionality 

A chat embedded in the proposal streamlines the communication process. Instead of emails, you can set up a time so you can address your client’s questions in real-time. The sooner the kinks can be smoothed out, the faster you’ll have an answer. 

Adding live chat is easy for web-based business plans. You get to save time and money as well. 

5. Online Signing Capabilities 

Modern templates come with modern proposal conveniences. Your client will have an easier time approving the plan compared to traditional, PDF or Word-based templates. They won’t have to scan, print and sign it, then have it sent via courier; instead, they can just affix their signature on any compatible device, including tablets and smartphones. 

Get a template that has audit trail capability, so the digital signature is fully binding and within e-signature laws. 

6. Online Payment Options 

Payment options may be enabled right within the document. Simply access the payment feature and leave it “on” so clients can pay using credit cards on partial or full options. Once approved the funds will sent straight to your bank account. 

7. Interactive Pricing Tables 

Clients can stay within the digital proposal and choose extra services for added sales. This can range from search-based setups, social media accounts, email marketing and various services. For your clients, it’s just a matter of choosing what they like and tapping to add anytime they like. The final cost is outlined and updated in real time as well. 

8. Analytics 

Analytics can tell you what you’re doing right and what you need to improve on based on actual facts and data, e.g., views, where they clicked and what device they used to view your business plan. Even if the current client declines, you’ll have the ability to improve your proposal and impress future ones. 

Keep on working and adding to create the ultimate business proposal that will give you a higher chance of success. Web-based business plans can give you the edge to beat the competition, and more.