Using Instagram For Business In 2021 – A Complete Guide (For Marketers)

instagram for business

Instagram is one of the topmost social media platforms behind Facebook. Instagram has reached more than 1 billion followers monthly active users, and more than 500 million users are using Instagram stories daily. 11% of Instagram users use this platform to discover new brands and more than 25 million business accounts on Instagram. Also, 90% of users at least follow one business account. More than 36% of B2B markets are using Instagram to research new products and services.

If you are not using Instagram for your business, you miss a lot of opportunities to build your audience and enhance your sales. This Instagram marketing tips 2021 will help you to start your business on Instagram.

Use a Business Account:

When creating an Instagram account for your business, it is better to go with a business account. A business account gives you access to features like Instagram insights, ads, analytics, shopping, call to action to your profile, and contact information. You can include three parts in your business profile.


If you have an existing Facebook page, you can link your Instagram account to that page. It will help you to create Instagram advertising through your Facebook account.


The category allows you to choose the industry for your business, and if you select the right option, it makes it easier for Instagram to place your content to your target audience.

Contact options:

You can add your email or mobile number or both, and it will help the person contact you. If you have any stores, you can add in your address too. 

Setting up an Instagram business account involves two steps, first you have to create a personal account, and then you need to convert it into a business profile.

Set Goal:

The next important thing is to choose a clear goal. When marketing on Instagram, many people made the mistake of selecting multiple goals for their campaign. Instead of making that mistake, you should clearly define your goals. If you aim for many goals, you get confused by yourself, and your followers will not understand what you are doing. 

Choose one best goal that should match your business and brands. For example, if your goal is to increase your revenge, you should focus on driving more traffic and generating sales. While your goal is to build your brand awareness, you need to get more product impressions. Sometimes you can also choose two goals, but the second goal you are choosing should complement and not spoil the first one. For example, if you want to get more sales on Instagram, you can choose a goal like getting more traffic to your site and build your brand reach.

Find Your Audience:

When you start marketing on Instagram, it is essential to know who you are marketing to. Know your audience first, and then share photos, videos to reach your target audience. You can conduct surveys and polls to gather your target audience. You can also use Instagram analytics to find your marketing to the correct Instagram community. The most active Instagram users are between 18 to 29. Use these people to increase your brands and business.

Optimize Your Profile:

Create your profile effectively, and your Instagram bio creates a great impression. Show your brand authenticity and personality, tell people why they should follow your Instagram account.Use 150 characters to explore your bio and add emojis to make your profile more attractive. Add your website URL in their bio, it can help the people to buy products and it will increase your sales and business.

 You can add your contact information to show people where to find you. Allow people to interact with you through the call to action button directly. And another important thing is to select an effective profile photo preferably using free photo editing apps. You can upload an image size of 110 X 110 pixels for your profile. Optimizing an attractive profile can get you a more audience and improve your reach.

Schedule Posting:

“The more posts you share on Instagram, the faster your followers will grow.”

Always choosing a perfect time to share your content will help you to attract more followers. To get the best result, you need to post every day. According to the Instagram growth rate, one post per week will get 14% of followers, and 1 to 6 posts per week will get 26% of followers, and seven posts per day will help you get 56% of followers. The more you post on Instagram will help you to get more likes for your content.

The best time to post on Instagram is morning 7 – 9 AM, afternoon 12 – 2 PM, evening 5 – 9 PM and Night 9 -11 PM. Follow the best time to post consistently and get more engagement 

for your videos. 

Make Compelling Visual Content:

Instagram is a visual social media network, so you should create effective content to reach your target audience. Make eye-catchy photos, videos, infographics, or animations that will attract your followers. You can share behind the scene photos to your followers to create excitement with your followers. Show people how your products are made, it makes your audience more curious about your products and makes them see all your videos.

You can also share text and quotes-based images to make your video more creative. Regrams and creates user-generated content. Always share content that educates your audience. The maximum video length of Instagram is 60 seconds, but you can go longer with IGTV.

Create Instagram Reels:

Instagram has launched many features first Stories, second IGTV, and now reels. The reel’s length is 15 seconds, and you can add effects to make your reels more attractive. Many marketers are using Instagram reels for their business to reach a wider audience. 

Reels are the perfect place to market your products. Create effective reels to grow your audience and enhance your brand. If your reel videos get more engagement, it has a great chance to appear on the explore page. Hereby, everyone can see your reels on the explore page and you will get more views for your Instagram reels videos. When your reel video gets more views, it will automatically increase your likes simultaneously.

Use Instagram Stories:

Half of the people and businesses use Instagram Stories every day, and they are getting great results. Instagram stories are one of the best parts of Instagram’s marketing strategy. Stories vanish after 24 hours. Stories are a great place to  promote your brands and business.Think fast and convey your message within the first 3 seconds and give valuable information to your followers and add useful links to some resources.

If users tag you in your story, you can reshare the content in your Instagram stories, and it is an excellent way of creating user-generated content. Use your brand in stories to boost your business.

Add Hashtags:

Hashtags are the great key way to increase your brand visibility and discoverability. Tagging your videos or photos with the right hashtag helps users to find your brand or content. You can add ten hashtags to your post. If you add more hashtags to your content, it looks like hashtag stuffing. Use hashtags that are related to your brands and if you use the wrong hashtags, it will appear to the wrong audience and become a waste of time for your business.

Write Great Caption:

Instagram captions should be upto 2,200 characters long so you can add interesting information about your brands. Only the first lines appear in the news feed. If you tap the “more” option you are able to see more information about the products. Since many people are not interested in reading the entire thing, you need to share your information within two lines. Use a great caption, and it should be more relevant, informative, and entertaining.


Instagram is a leading social media platform right now, and it is a great place to sell your products or services directly to your customers. Interact with your audience and get more people to know about your products and boost trust with your followers and convert your audience to paying customers. This is how you need to use Instagram for business in 2021.