6 Types Of Promotional Gifts That Your New Business Needs

promotional gifts that your business needs

If you’re a new business or a start-up, one of the best things you can do to schmooze new customers is to send out branded promotional gifts

If you want to make an impact with your next set of freebies by giving away something that everyone actually wants, the selection below is a great place to start.

Branded Face Masks 

We’re living in the times of COVID, and everyone needs their own personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves safe and ensure they’re not risking the health of anyone else around them.

For many people, face masks have become a bit of a fashion accessory, too, a way to make a necessity feel a little more glamorous. Putting your branded logo on facemasks for your staff is a great way to get your brand out there and visible in front of your customers, but you could be missing a great selling opportunity if you missed out on putting your logo on masks for your customers.

To do this right, it’s best for companies who have a cool logo or companies who can pair the logo with a funky fabric or catchphrase to entice wearers to ‘collect’ your new type of merch.

Branded Hand Sanitizer

Are you planning a face-to-face event when it’s possible? Or do you have customers coming to you? Why not give away a little care package with a branded bottle of hand sanitizer? 

It’s a great way to get your brand into their bags and to show you care about your customers’ health and safety.

Branded Stress Relievers

Working in an office (or in a home office) can be hard work, and there’s every chance that your customers or clients are having a stressful time of it lately.

Put your logo on a sress reliever ball, heart, or even another funky shape to help give them something to squeeze down on when they’re feeling the frustration!

Branded BPA Free Bottles

An issue that many people find with promotional gifts and freebies is that they are not particularly eco-conscious. You should be considering your promotional footprint when planning events and planning the gifts, and what better way than giving away a BPA bottle?

Help your customers and clients to go zero waste by giving them a reusable and refillable bottle that is safe to use and helps them with their hydration.

Branded Insulated Lunch Bags

When we do begin returning to the office, there will be a lot of people who are now more used to a nice home-cooked meal for lunch. 

Help them to keep that healthy habit by giving away insulated lunch bags with your logo on them. The way to a customer’s heart is through their stomachs, after all!

Branded Light Rings

This one is a bit of a wild card, but one of the complaints that many video callers have is the lack of good lighting. 

A clip-on rechargeable ring light is the perfect way to solve this issue and to help facilitate that “where did you get that light?” conversation between potential customers!