Why Traditional Marketing Might Not Give Your Business The Reach It Needs


As a business owner, you want the spotlight firmly placed on your products, your services and your brand. You’ve worked too hard to simply fall at the wayside or be dwarfed by corporate giants.

Thankfully, the marketing landscape has evolved and within such a short space of time, small businesses like yours are getting their voices heard and levelling the playing field. 

Digital advertising is seen as the way forward and companies such as FastFwd digital marketing services are dedicated to driving high numbers of traffic to your business pages, effectively reaching your target market whilst converting those clicks and leads into viable sales.

From Search Engine Optimisation and PPC campaigns to emailing marketing and full analytic breakdowns, it’s easy to see why traditional marketing strategies such as print, direct mail campaigns and even radio ads are being left behind. 

If you’re someone who’s still toying with the idea of a more standard marketing approach, then you may want to read on to discover why traditional marketing might not give your business the reach it needs. 

The expense

From a simple black and white perspective, when it comes to traditional marketing, it’s going to cost you more.

And when you’re a fledgeling business with limited marketing funds, you may find your advertising and subsequent growth stunted.

The production of flyers for example followed by the expense of distribution and the time costs associated with the process could end up amounting to a small fortune, and there’s no guarantee that your expensive flyers or posters etc will reach your intended target market.

When you choose digital marketing, you not only get a bigger reach and more targeted methods of advertising but you also get it at a cheaper cost, allowing you to invest more money in your campaigns or assign the savings elsewhere. 

It’s just less engaging

Shocking, but true. How many pieces of so-called “junk mail” do you get through the door each month?

And how often do you get a flyer pushed into your hands on the way to work? And where do all these flyers end up?

In the bin.

When it comes to traditional marketing methods, there’s very little engagement, we simply take a look and move on. There’s nothing to prompt our basic engagement into a sale.

Radio ads are similar, as they’re in our ears for a matter of seconds before they’re immediately replaced with something else.

Digital marketing prompts target audiences to interact and even share their thoughts and experiences. If something is specifically tailored to you, you’re more likely to engage and click on it.

ROI doesn’t exist 

With traditional marketing, you don’t get a clear picture of its success or failure. This means there’s a question mark over the ROI (Return On Investment).

There’s no way to measure the effectiveness of your latest campaign or even know who has seen your marketing products or campaigns. Sure they may have stuck your flyer on their fridge, but you won’t know that! 

Digital marketing, however, provides you with a detailed analysis of your latest marketing strategies, shows you what’s working and what isn’t and allows you to alter your marketing plan where required. Saving you time and money.