Why You Should Use an Istagram Activity Tracker 

Can you track someone else’s activities on Instagram? When the following tab on Instagram disappeared in 2019, it became a massive problem for people. As per tried and tested methods, many alternative solutions are available for tracking Instagram activity, and we’ll walk you through each one.  

                                     Image 1. Snoopreport Instagram user activity report preview 


The following tab on Instagram is where you can view what your friends liked by hitting the heart icon and going to the next section. Instagram has excluded the “Following” tab from the Activity feed, which previously displayed your friends’ likes, follows, and comments. Instagram’s spokesperson claims that the Following feature was underutilized and that some users were offended by some of the more obscene posts they saw. As a result, the days of quickly spotting Instagram follower activity are over for the time being. 

For better or worse, some Instagram features remain, such as the ability to see a user’s most recent posts and comments. However, this does not satisfy the requirements of the vast majority of people. This section will demonstrate a few quick tips for keeping up with the most recent activity of people you follow. Check out the following section to learn how to see someone’s Instagram activity if you’re looking for a solution that works. 

View the Most Recent Instagram Posts of a Specific Individual 

How can I see what my friends are up to on Instagram? On Instagram, there are two ways to see the most recent posts from a user. Begin by checking your home page to see if a post from someone you’ve been following has appeared in your news feed. For more information, you can look at their profile. Instagram posts can be viewed by following these steps: 

  • Step 1: Search & Explore on your smartphone has a search bar. Look up the Instagram user’s username to see their most recent posts. 
  • Step 2: You can see the user’s most recent posts at the top of their profile page and the oldest posts at the bottom. 
  • Step 3: To find out when a particular post was shared, simply click on it. 

You Can See If A Person Is Online or Not 

You must first have a conversation with the person on Instagram Direct Message to see when they were last online on Instagram. 

  • Step 1: Go to your Direct Messages on Instagram. A detailed list of all the users you’ve communicated with on Instagram will be displayed. 
  • Step 2: To see when the user was last online, click on the username. It’s essential to keep in mind that to see when a user was last seen online, they must be the one who sent the last Direct Message in your conversation. 

Find Out Who Has Been Following You on Instagram Recently 

Is this something you’re experiencing? On the INS profile page, you can click Followers or Following to see who has followed you, but the list is not sorted by date, so you have no idea which has just started following you. 

There is still a workaround. This trick may or may not continue to work in the future, but for the time being, it does. Using a web browser instead of the app will allow you to see your most recent followers on Instagram. 

The Quickest and Most Straightforward Strategy 

Among the many Instagram tools available, one of the most useful is Snoopreport. This app allows you to see each other’s Followers, views, reach, comments, replies, and interactions. 

How Does It Work? 

The Snoopreport activity tracker uses publicly available data to keep tabs on Instagram users’ whereabouts. 

For one thing, this reveals that people can use the features of Instagram without having an account or being logged in. 

Even if you don’t have an Instagram account of your own, you can use Snoopreport to import images from the photo editor. Snoopreport may monitor any Instagram account provided it is not hidden. 

Image 2. Tool that allows to track what someone likes on Instagram 

An overview of KidsGuard Pro  

The need to keep tabs on someone’s Instagram activity is rising. Using KidsGuard Pro for Android is your only option if your device isn’t included in the list below. This software makes it simple to keep tabs on Instagram activity, chats, posts, app notifications, and screen time. The app can also run undetected in the background of smartphones, allowing it unprecedented access to the target device. Using KidsGuard Pro to monitor Instagram activity is a simple and effective way to keep tabs on your friends and family. 

An overview of Followers Track For Instagram 

To keep track of your followers, unfollowers, and interactions, you need the Followers Track for Instagram! app. You can see who your most and least engaged followers are by looking at how many likes and comments they leave on your posts. It also lets you know whose accounts you’re following that don’t follow you back, and the other way around. Your Following list will be more manageable if you consider this. 

An overview of Tracking Instagram Followers 

Tracking Instagram followers provides you with a wealth of information. To help you keep track of your followers, the app also displays you which ones are inactive, who likes or comments on your posts even if they don’t follow you and which ones are the most active. Other analytic information provided by the program includes which of your tags are most popular, the best times to publish to your feed, and even the best times to share a Story. 

An Overview of Snoopreport’s Features 

What other brands and bloggers are doing can help you better understand what their customers are looking for and what their competitors are doing on Instagram. 

It’s a great way for Instagram users to learn more about themselves, their families and friends, and their favorite superstars’ likes and dislikes on the service. 

Learn what your audience likes so that you can tailor your services and marketing efforts to their needs. It contains all the information you need to know about your target customers, whether they’re individuals or businesses. Even though this may appear to follow, 

Families concerned about their children’s online activities may find this helpful. As a result, you may be able to gain some insight into your child’s desires and aspirations, even if they aren’t publicly expressed as often as you would like. 

Besides, it can assist you in spotting modern-day threats such as trolling and real-world surveillance and violence. In addition, it will keep you safe. 

Image 2. Map of tracked user’s interests provided by Snoopreport  

Snoopreport Pricing and Plans:- 

  • Personal: With this plan, you can keep tabs on a maximum of two different accounts. This strategy is best suited for those who have little to do with the activities of others. Also, they want to focus on just a few individuals. The monthly fee is only $4.99, making this a very cost-effective option. 
  • A small business: You can track up to 10 accounts in this plan. Owners of small businesses looking to understand their competitors’ activities better will benefit significantly from this strategy. This is a very cost-effective plan, with a monthly fee of just $14.99. 
  • Professional: Only 100 accounts can be tracked under this plan, a considerable limitation. This strategy is best suited for business owners and operators who want to grow their company while also better interacting with and tracking the activities of their competitors. In addition, they want to make it simple to find posts, tags, and activities. You’ll only have to pay $44.99 a month for this plan. There is a complete breakdown of plans and pricing available here. 

Does Snoopreport comply with all applicable laws? This Instagram activity tracking service operates ethically by collecting data and information from open and public sources. 

The Bottom Line 

To begin tracking people, you must first create an account on your preferred app and purchase a subscription. Companies and artists interested in learning more about their target market by searching among their followers or other Instagram users. After selecting the profiles you want to follow, you’ll receive weekly updates on their Instagram activity.