Choosing Startup Jobs Over Corporations

Figuring what career path is best for you can always be a struggle. You might have just finished college or perhaps you’re thinking about changing your current direction into a previously unexplored market for you. A huge focus is put on tech startups and startup jobs can be highly appealing. At the same time, positions and reputable corporations and businesses can offer lucrative deals and provide job security. So which one should you go for?

With the current trend on tech startups growing and delivering impressive results; it’s no wonder so many people are turning to startup jobs to match their ambition. Deciding which route to take is largely down to what you want to get out of your career choices as well as what skills you have to offer.

Specialized Skills

Tech startups tend to filter through a whole host of potential employees to ensure they find the perfect match to suit their business needs. Startup jobs also tend to lean towards specialized skills. These can include openings such as development, operations, marketing and strategy. If you possess app development skills or if you’re an expert in design then you’re in luck.

The “What and the why”

It’s not just about boasting the necessary skills needed to enter the world of startup jobs; you need to consider an array of different things. First of all you need to have a think about exactly why you would want to work for tech startups. If your answer is “money” then you seriously need to rethink your strategy. Startup jobs typically provide a low income especially when compared to established companies or businesses that could offer you a position.

Understanding why you want to work for a tech startup will be essential if you want to enjoy your experience. Despite a common issue of being low paid, startup jobs do provide many positive points too.


Choosing to get employment from a tech startup will, more often than not, provide you with a rich feeling of responsibility and independence. Covering more sectors and expanding out of your comfort zone leads to personal growth and allowing you to feel like a part of something real; rather than feeling like just another number on the payroll.


Self-progression can be an avenue for you to progress further within the industry. Working as part of a close-knit team means that you can personally interact with your employers and leave a lasting impression on them. Startup jobs might not have the long-term security you might want but they do provide great incentives to want to strive and improve every single day.


Working for a big entity or corporation might offer job security and a decent wage packet but that doesn’t mean you’re going to enjoy it. Startup jobs give you the chance to be an instrumental part in shaping that startup. The personal growth and achievement you’ll get is an amazing feeling that you’ll struggle to top.

There are many factors you need to consider when looking into startup jobs and tech startups, and finding the right place to suit your skillset is an absolute necessity. Your input can alter and change the direction a startup might have been going and it’s that personal involvement which can make startup jobs so incredibly rewarding.

The difficulties with startup jobs

If you boast the specialized technical skills necessary to flourish at a tech startup then this challenge might not apply to you. If you don’t however; then you’re going to find it difficult. Big companies don’t mind taking on inexperienced employees. They can even afford to pay for training schemes to ensure they improve and enhance their skills. Tech startups can’t do that. A lack of skills will make it very hard for you to find startup jobs.

There’s also the issue that most tech startups don’t offer positions very regularly. At the initial launch of the startup, you might find the occasional advertisement for a position but then they will be few and far between. Small startups simply can’t afford to waste resources and so they’ll make sure whoever is working for them is going to be an essential asset for the progression of the company.

Working for tech startups is incredibly rewarding and if you manage to find your way into a great team, with a great idea, then you could find the benefits hugely attractive. There is always a flipside to which route you should take with your career path but with tech startups rapidly popping up and growing; startup jobs could be your ticket into a rewarding, insightful position with endless possibilities.