54 Best Coworking Spaces for Startups and Freelancers in the UK

Check out theses best coworking locations in the UK

Starting a new business, or saving money before renting a big office of your own – either way, moving to a coworking space is a great solution. It offers small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs lots of advantages that they won’t be able to get elsewhere: lower fees, meeting like-minded businesses, participating in networking events and many more.

Let’s take a look at the best coworking spaces in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

London Coworking Spaces

London’s been a tech and startup leader in the UK for a long time, but these days it has to fight harder and harder to become #1. It offers a great variety of coworking spaces and networking opportunities for the companies.

Rainmaking Loft London is a part of Loft coworking spaces network based in Copenhagen and Berlin, allowing its members to work from each site as they please.

Uber Office is a nice coworking space in London with a reception area, CCTV, kitchen and other facilities to help you be more productive.

90 Mainyard a family space for freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs with a full-day access to the building and coffee supplies.

Warner Yard is the outpost for the Techstars accelerator, investors and entrepreneurs. It offers access to meeting rooms, call booths, printing and kitchens.

THECUBE is a community of friendly professionals that will make you feel at home and inspire everyday.

Check out these best coworking locations in London
Check out these best coworking locations in London

Central Working is a network of coworking locations in the UK that will surround your with business atmosphere and innovation spirit.

Club Workspace is another large network of coworking spaces that allows access to any of its locations everyday along with a number of  hosted events.

TechHub London is a part of the global TechHub network that has partnership with Google to support tech startups and entrepreneurs.

WeWork is one of the world’s largest networks with 11 coworking spaces in London that include everything that a good startup needs.

Impact Hub is a part of an international network of coworking event spaces and accelerators around the world.

Third Door an innovative coworking location that also has a nursery where you can leave your kids while you’re busy working.

Manchester Coworking Spaces

Manchester’s been a home for multiple successful startups. The city has powerful investment flows, and coworking spaces to host both investors and new companies.

Central Working Deansgate is a great space with an amazing view that has kitchen facilities, free coffee, discounts, 24/7 access, and even a lecture theater.

Beehive Lofts has large desks, pool tables, hammocks, netted chairs, library, and entertainment booths in addition to the standard amenities.

Check out theses best coworking locations in Manchester
Check out these best coworking locations in Manchester

The Assembly is a stylish and attractive coworking space where businesses and freelancers can work, meet their clients and connect with partners.

Globe Working is a great solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, growing or established companies that has everything for comfortable work.

SpacePortX is a coworking space for tech startups, creatives and developers that also helps their residents to grow.

MadLab is a friendly coworking location for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs that encourages participation in events and networking.

Hackspace Manchester is a part of the Hackspace Foundation and has specially dedicated workshops with all the possible and impossible equipment.

Rise Manchester is a space for the financial and tech companies, as well as other specialists and entrepreneurs.

Workplace features great coworking space and amazing networking opportunities with like-minded professionals.

Regus Manchester  has 15 locations around the city and various facilities that depend on your address.

Birmingham Coworking Spaces

Birmingham is a number one city in the UK for investments and new business opportunities. That and cheaper rent and cost of living naturally became very attractive for hundreds of new startups and businesses.

Impact Hub Birmingham is one of the 40+ spaces of the Impact Hub network around the world. Birmingham coworking space is located in a 6,000 sq. feet building and has everything to become your second home.

The Loft Workspace a nice and cozy location in South Birmingham for small businesses and social enterprises. It offers a great amount of packages to fit your needs.

The BioHub Birmingham is a fully-equipped and staffed laboratory space for biomedical businesses and startups with offices.

The Custard Factory a coworking in the city center that offers shared offices with reception and a number of perks on-site.

Regus Birmigham has 9 locations in different parts of the city that offer administrative support, printing facilities, meeting rooms and kitchens.

Birmingham Open Media (BOM) is a unique location that managed to combine art, technology and science surrounded by the minimalist design.

Boxxed a 10,000 sq. feet warehouse equipped with meeting rooms, breakout areas and BBQ spaces. It also has great coffee and no minimum stay requirements.

Check out theses best coworking locations in Birmingham
Check out these best coworking locations in Birmingham

SocialVenture features coworking and meeting spaces for small businesses, social enterprises and startups focused on networking and growing businesses

The Transfer is a sustainable coworking location at Old Print Works and will be great for creatives and non-profits, but all the businesses are welcome.

The Moseley Exchange is great for solopreneurs and freelancers, who can get their registered postal address, free tea, coffee, and access all the coworking events.

Innovation Birmingham Campus features various options for every kind of a team to fit every customer’s need.

Edinburgh Coworking Spaces

Edinburgh has been voted to be the best city in the UK to live in and game home to a number of great startups that had a global success.

Nexus is a bright creative space for freelancers, small businesses, and startups that offers plug and play offices with full kitchen facilities, discounts for the pub and a local gym. 

CodeBase is a fast-growing incubator with various spaces for offices and coworking spots to grow tech startups.

Regus Edinburgh has 8 locations in various parts of Edinburgh with all the necessary facilities for comfortable work and socializing

The Loft is a coworking space located in a loft with a 24/7 access to the coworking area, Internet, kitchen, and meeting space.

Seventh Crow is a light coworking space that has a desk spaces along with a production studio space. You’ll also have a shared meeting room, additional storage, and free parking.

TechCube is a coworking for startups and small businesses with 24/7 hour access to all the desks, meeting rooms and other facilities.

The Melting Pot connects innovators and people from different industries, allowing tons of networking opportunities with a fair amount of free coffee and tea.

Check out these best coworking locations in Edinburgh
Check out these best coworking locations in Edinburgh

The Creative Exchange helps businesses and freelancers who want a bit more flexibility, socialization and networking meet and work under the same roof

Cre8te is an independent social enterprise that encourages small businesses towards growth and development.

Out of the Blue helps creatives with their 114 studios and assistance in promoting art projects via community events, workshops and seminars.

WHALE Arts is one of the art and culture focused coworking spaces in Edinburgh with a lot of workshop spaces, meeting rooms and cultural activities.

The Deskhop is a great choice for freelancers, creatives, non-profits and independent businesses that offers unlimited coffee and toast in a comfortable office space.

Edinburgh Hacklab an ideal coworking and networking space for hackers and tech nerds that allows you to use their tech equipment and storage space.

Ten Henderson Street is a modern office space with free coffee, tea and toast. You’ll also have an access to kitchen utilities, and internet.

Glasgow Coworking Spaces

Glasgow is an emerging tech and innovation hub for businesses and startups in the UK, which has great coworking spaces to handle all that bursting creativity.

The Distillery / The Whisky Bond is a home to Glasgow’s creative community: from freelancers to startups. It also offers access to the outdoor spaces and a great skyline view.

Think Tank Glasgow is one of the biggest coworking locations in Glasgow which will fit for everyone small businesses to creative freelancers. You’ll also have an access to meeting rooms, printing and copying, and a kitchen with free coffee.

Rookie Oven is a lovely coworking space for the Glasgow tech community that hosts a lot of events with wonderful networking opportunities. 

societyM Glasgow a coworking space on the ground floor of the citizenM hotel with a number of placement options both for work and meeting business partners.

Design Hub is a location for artists and creatives that features a fully equipped workshop with a friendly inspiring atmosphere.

Film City Glasgow / The Docks is a cheaper coworking space for the film industry creatives. It has a number of of studios and production offices, sound theaters along with the post-picture suites.

Regus Glasgow is a part of the international Regus network with 8 locations in the city with various available facilities.

Hope you enjoyed the list that BusinessLoad’s team has prepared for you! Feel free to comment below if you have some other locations to share.