4 Ways to Use Your Invoices as a Sales Tool

Use these amazing tips to turn your invoices into a fantastic sales tool

There’s no downplaying this fact: invoices are important documents that help your business. They are the sources of funds that feed your cash flow, keeping you afloat and liquid to pay down all your necessary business expenses.

Of course, they are also the sources of funds for your own profit, meaning you can live your life comfortably. However, did you know that you can also use your invoices for a secondary purpose?

That’s right, you can use your invoices as a sales and marketing tool. Today we’re going to show you the four best ways to turn your invoices into powerful sales tools.

#1 Use referral incentives

One important thing about invoices is that they have a particularly high opening rate. That means that you’ll have the attention of the people reading your document. why not use that attention level more wisely?

Include a referral incentive right on your invoice. Referrals are powerful ways for businesses to get new customers, as you are paying current customers to help you get qualified new ones. It’s a win-win situation that’s truly effective.

#2 Get testimonials and feedback

You can also do other things. In order to get future customers, you need to convince viewers that you are trustworthy. One of the best ways to do that is to get great testimonials from your current customers.

Why not ask them for it right on the invoice document?

Even better, you can ask for feedback on your invoice. When you get feedback, you are able to see what works and doesn’t work with your service, product or other aspect of your business. This valuable information will mean that you can work to make more satisfied present and future customers.

#3 Give free downloads

Your invoice can also be used as a notification channel, to let your customers know of exclusive deals or downloads that they’ll find valuable.

These can be clickable links that you can send through your emailed invoice for free resources, or anything else that fits with your business model. This will help you to build up a strong relationship with your customers, and entice them also to pay more attention to your invoices (and pay them faster).

#4 Provide discounts

The last great use for invoices as a sales tool is to give back to your customers with great discounts.

This is a very popular technique with traditional brick-and-mortar shops, so why not use it in your invoice?

The reason it’s so popular is that it drives lots of interest in your product or service and helps increase sales. You can offer something like 15% off their next purchase or any other percentage that will not hurt your business.

These are only some of the best tips we’ve seen to use your regular invoices as fantastic marketing tools that will really help to boost your business. When you incorporate these into your monthly invoices, you’ll begin to see drastic increases in your sales and in the way you and your customers interact.