How AI Will Change the Web Development Trends in the Coming Future?

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In the past decade, website development has seen many changes. We see that today’s websites are not only more visually pleasing and colourful but their navigation is more intuitive and their loading times are much less. From plain webpages with hyperlinks, websites have now evolved to become HTML 5 enabled. All these changes have contributed to attracting people to browse the web for hours. 

Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in web development today where programs learn from the past behaviour of website users and predict future trends. Though AI in web development is just starting, it has already made vast improvements to user experiences of websites it empowers.

Here are some of the top AI-powered web development trends we can see soon: 

AI allows Intuitive Web Designing.

You may have noticed how Facebook changes your feed depending on who you interact with and whom you ignore. If you frequently interact with one friend’s posts, he or she will appear in your feed more often.  Similarly, if you do not respond to a friend’s posts for some time, you stop seeing him or her in your feeds.

Google does the same. It offers ‘Google Discover’ service which suggests relevant content for you – even when you are not searching. It helps you access fresh and interesting content on topics that matter to you. 

Reddit has AI-powered auto-moderators to remove objectionable content from your feed, including spams, fake news, and pornographic content. Amazon uses artificial intelligence to suggest you items that you might want to buy.

It is expected that this trend will keep growing on all websites to offer a better experience to users and serve them with relevant content.

Artificial Intelligence allows you to build Intelligent Websites easily.

Website layout designing used to be a labour-intensive job. But now we have AI-based editors, such as WordPress, Wix, Gator, Divi and Shopify to make the task much easier. You can answer a few questions about the type of website you want and which template you would like to use, modify it, and see its preview within minutes.

Adobe Sensei makes it even easier. It recommends design elements, automates image resizing using facial recognition tools, and allows you to create artistic and aesthetic websites with almost human-like intelligence.

Chatbots are becoming smarter now.

Five years back, when chatbots were just introduced, their wooden responses were irritating and annoying. They would harp on the fixed-script dialogues – no matter what you said. Latest versions of chatbots are much more humane. They can understand human language much better and decode the requirements of users much more accurately.

These smart AI-powered chatbots not only handle customer queries and provide online help 24X7 without human errors but also collect data and integrate it with the CRM system. They can help solve technical issues without becoming impatient. Hence, they allow businesses to offer better support and experiences to their customers.

As artificial intelligence is evolving, web developers are doing much more than CSS and HTML programming. They are using AI web development tools to create better websites and improve sales. These web development trends are definitely going to make the digital world more powerful, meaningful and insightful. Web developers are advised to master AI skills and forge new paths of success for everyone.