Seven Essential Benefits of Material Handling And Conveyor Solutions

material handling

Engineering might be the primary part of supply chain projects. However, there is so much more going on, such as material handling equipment, software, etc., which are part of equipment procurement.

Other moving parts of the supply chain include documentation, installation, support, etc. Let us talk about the essential benefits of an integrated material handling system (MHI), which is also the foremost association of the supply chain industry. Mainway Handling, for instance, offers solution sourcing and networking for the industry, members, and customers through programming and events.

The material handling and conveyor solutions help facilitate solid operations of all material handling equipment, including fully-automated, semi-automated, and manual handling of equipment.

You are more likely to find the following three characteristics as in an integral part of the material handling system: coordination, connectivity, and cohesion.

Since an integrated material handling system incorporates all processes, products, practices, and machines, it encourages the consecutive flow of materials throughout the supply chain projects’ entire processes.

What are the essential benefits of an Integrated Material Handling Solution?

By connecting all material handling equipment and software, an integrated material handling solution supports all aspects of the production cycle.

The support includes the different stages of receiving, processing, proper storage, picking up the products, and the ultimate shipment.

Since all components are well-connected within the solution, the following seven key benefits are rendered by a well-engineered material handling solution:

1. Shorter delivery period

2. Enhanced and polished customer support

3. The decrease in inventory excesses

4. Cost-effectiveness, due to an overall decrease of handling expenses regarding manufacturing, transportation, transportation, etc.

5. Improved material handling and processing of stages through better timing and streamlining

6. Facilitation of product control obtained through improved management and monitoring of the processes.

7. Improved management of the inventory along with improved accuracy of information obtained by real-time monitoring.  

Other Benefits of Automated Material Handling Solution

Each edge counts in the supply chain and logistics industry. For this very reason, managers and other decision-makers are actively exploring the essential benefits of automated material handling.

Automated material handling brings new levels of productivity, profitability, and safety. You can also gain the following benefits by integrating an automated material handling solution:

Jobs of Higher Value

When people refer to automation, often, their primary focus is the displacement of human workers.

The truth is that automated solutions work to complement human efforts, and companies that integrate selective automation won’t have to lose any of their employees. It has been analyzed that automation enables employees to get higher-value positions.

Improved data Accessibility

Due to automated and connected systems, facility managers, logistics experts, and other industry professionals have now improved data access to areas they didn’t have before.

The essential benefit of automated material handling is that these allow different systems to connect and communicate with each other. While the connected conveyor system adjusts product flow within a distributing center based on its surrounding conditions, connected machines and workers react and re-adjust accordingly.

This also allows the different project components to use the information for pre-planning based on any anticipated changes or delays.

Improved Quality Control

Due to automation, inspections and quality-control procedures are made easier. Since AI has gained massive popularity, the concept of machine traction has gained loads of tractions, especially regarding automated material handling systems.

By integrating material handling and conveyor solutions, you will cut waste by reducing re-work, which leads to improved quality control compared with manual inspections. 

This technology also contributes tremendously towards creating improved workplace safety, which should be the priority of all businesses.