Tech Tips for Traveling Business Professionals

Every business has positive and negative sides and not everyone has the same perspective of it. But many people agree that going on a business trip is always a positive factor of every job. Although business trips are very desirable, business professionals who travel a lot know that every business trip can become a nightmare.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong, but luckily if you follow our advice you may find the solutions for every possible obstacle. In addition to human’s help you can always turn to technology for help.

Find Internet with Wifi Finder app

When you going on a business trip, especially somewhere abroad, you cannot use your mobile data internet. Relying on wifi is very risky, especially because many wifi networks are too busy and slow. If you find yourself away from a hotel and you need internet to send a document or email, this wifi finder app can be of great help.

The app gives internet access in more than 50 thousand cities worldwide. You can search wifi spots by address, location, country, city, place name or look for hotspots nearby. With this app you can even work offline and save logins and passwords of every wifi network.

Edit scanned PDF documents on the go

During your business trip, you will probably need a lot of business documents and reports. It may happen that you want to edit your file before a meeting or to add notes at the business conference. If you haven’t brought your laptop with you or you left it at the hotel, what will you do?

Again, you can use your smartphone to edit files. With PDF to Word converter app you can convert your PDF files to Word and even import files that are stored in the cloud. Usually, these apps also behave as a scanner so you can scan paper documents you get on your trip and work on them on your phone.

You forgot to bring the air tickets

It can happen to the most organized people, especially when you travel in a hurry. If you didn’t print your tickets or you brought the wrong copy with you, don’t worry. You can use Apple Wallet or this alternative app for Android to save the tickets to your phone. Just go the website of the airline company where you bought the tickets and export your tickets to the wallet. You can probably pull out the tickets directly from your Gmail inbox and send it to your digital wallet. Many airline companies and many airports in general accept e-tickets.

Save your battery

When you are on a business trip, you go here and there and use your phone for both business and personal needs. With so many hours without charging and so much time you spend on your phone, you can expect to have problems with your battery. If you don’t have an external battery by your side, battery saving apps might help. Two most popular apps are DU battery saver for Android and similar app for iOS.

Secure your data

When using different wifi hotspots, you may be a victim of data theft or at least you can get some viruses in your phone. Think in advance and use antivirus and data security apps. Depending on the type of data you want to protect, you can choose between different security apps here. There are also a lot of antivirus apps, such as Avast and AVG, and you should definitely have them during your trip.

Have Offline Backup

Even though you have your files stored in the cloud and you have installed a wifi finder app, some places simply don’t have a good connection. Just to be sure, make a copy of all important documents and Google maps and keep them in your phone. In that way you won’t need to worry about getting from the airport to the hotel or the meeting.

Hope we helped with these practical tips you can use on your next business trip. It is never enough of improving your tech skills especially when you are far away from home.