How to Cut Business Travel Expenses

These are the best ways to cut your business travel expenses

If you have a small business where you regularly need to travel, you might find that your travel expenses are really adding up.

This may frustrate you often, mostly because it seems so difficult to cut down on those travel aspects.

There are certainly easier ways to minimize your business travel expenses, like flying economy instead of going first class or business class, and staying in lower starred hotels. or vacation rentals.

But what are some other tricks of the trades?

That’s what we’ll look at today and we’ll show you how you can cut your business travel expenses.

Book your flight before you schedule your meetings

One important thing to do that many business owners don’t do is to make sure you only schedule your meetings after you’ve got your flights.

This means that you’ll generally agree to meet with your clients or potential clients in a specific location but hold off on the actual date and time.

Then you go ahead and find the best flights without the pressure of needing to be anyplace at a specific time. You can use the flexible date option on many travel sites.

Fly only with carry-on luggage

Going on a business trip probably means that you won’t have too much time to do much of anything else.

That means also that you don’t really need to bring extra luggage. You’ll need your professional clothes, which you can wear on the plane, and a change of clothes and other important aspects that you can put in your carry-on.

For many domestic flights, checked luggage is extra. So you can cut that from your travel expenses by only going with a carry-on.

Use an Uber

Although it’s a service, it’s become part of the English language now. So much so that, instead of saying, “The car I ordered through Uber is here,” people often just say, “My Uber just arrived.”

That is one sign that a service is really popular. So why are you still using taxis?

Uber and other ride-sharing services like Lyft can often take you to and from your destination at much less than what the yellow cabs are charging.

It’s even more convenient, because you don’t need to wait outside (in the rain, snow, hurricane) to catch a cab.

Your app will show you where the ride is and will notify you when you need to leave.

Cut your travel expenses now

These are only a few of the best methods you can use to really cut down on your travel expenses.

The more creative you are to your approach to travel, the more money you’ll be able to save.

And with more money saved, you’ll have more money to invest in your business. Heck, you can even use that money saved to go on more trips for more customers, partners or investors.

It really will help you boost your business and make sure you succeed.

Good luck!