9 Unique Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Have you recently started a website and are wondering what to do in order to increase the traffic on your website? Or have you been sitting there trying out several ways and still haven’t achieved your target yet? We are bringing some unique ways to bring traffic to your website.

On-Page SEO

You can use several SEO tactics on your website to get more visitors and increase their rate in search engines for more views. That requires a high quality of the content keeping in mind your target audience. You can use Meta descriptions for your pages which will appear below the link of your page. With meta descriptions, users will know what will occur when the page is opened which will make them click on a go. 


Social media is always the key to promote your website and blogs. This is the most trusted way to get more traffic. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. are the platforms where you can share your blogs and get multiple views. This way you can get your followers to visit your website and other people in their network to share your content.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are another source of attracting an audience to your website. Create landing pages with offers like redeeming coupon codes or downloading a free ‘how to’ guide. These kinds of gigs interest viewers.

Long keywords make it happen


Long-tailed keywords might be searched less frequently but their chances of ranking in search engines are more than short-tailed keywords. Because long-tailed keywords raise a better chance of ranking higher for the information and queries specific to your brand or services. Higher rank means more views. 

Email Marketing

Reach out to an audience via email and send out regular offers and newsletters regarding your products. Provide useful links and details about your products and services and keep them short. This will help you be in touch with your customers and will increase traffic on your website.

Online Advertisement

Online advertising is the best and most basic way to get more audience to visit your website. Social media, display advertising, and paid searches are excellent methods to route the traffic to your page.

Guest Blogs


Guest blogs or collaborating are trending too much these days. You can make connections with several bloggers and invite them to write a guest blog on your site. This way your followers will get to see your guest’s blog and the guest’s followers will visit your website making way for more traffic on your site. You can also become a guest blogger for someone else.

Engaging Online

You can stay active in several online groups and websites that go with your business and products. You can comment on blogs and posts, answer questions that are posted and take part in the conversations about your business. This way you can influence people and attract traffic to your website.


You should regularly check your website analytics. Analytics show how many people have visited your page in the past days. This helps you identify your weak areas and work on your strategies to improve the traffic routing to your blog.