5 Facebook Remarketing Tactics

Facebook is the biggest social media platform there is having a user base of around 2 billion people. Marketers realize the huge potential it offers to grab up a chunk of the people. They tend to try out different methods to attract customers to their website and get some business. Remarketing is one of the newer trends on Facebook, allowing marketers to lure in people who had some level of interaction with their website. Let us say a user arrives on your website, they are tagged using cookies. This allows you to follow the user around the web and place ads accordingly. Facebook allows you to target those customers; it will show ads to people who read your blog, gave a call, and had any sort of interaction with the website.

Facebook does not irritate the users and show those ads as banners but includes it in the user feed organically so they see it in between. This makes for a smooth way to show your ads to people scrolling through the feed.

If you are looking to use remarketing as a tactic to bring in customers, here are a few for you to ponder over:

Specific Landing Page Visitors

This is one of the most points to keep in mind while trying to a retargeting tactic. Firstly, you will have to make the ad an attractive enough to pull in the customer to your website. Secondly, the page you are getting the customer to land on should be what the customer is looking for; it should provide the customer with whatever they are looking for, may it be a viable buying option or information regarding a product. If you are spending bucks on a retargeting ad and getting the customer to land on a redundant page, it will be equivalent to throwing your money down the drain. For example, ThanksForTheHelp spent $300 on remarketing ads but were not able to bring in a customer; they soon realized that the page they were getting the customer to land on did not offer them anything that would solve their problems. They went on and created a campaign informing customers about the improvement in their services and discount codes to students who had already used their services once. They started a campaign again and spent only $100 to get their customers to try the service again and it brought in positive results.

Remarket To Blog Readers

Many websites look to convert users through uniquely written blogs. The blogs provide information and advice to the users and influences them to make a purchaser’s decision. This is one of the best ways to go about it but many writers forget to talk to the customer in a friendly way; they tend to promote or self-advertise themselves. This is like shooting oneself in the foot when it comes to attracting blog readers. To remarket a product or service to blog readers, it is absolutely necessary to attract them with relevant content or provide content that caters to their interests. Relevancy and quality are both important when it comes to attracting blog readers. If you are stuck and cannot come up with a content that good, you can ask experts available online on websites like TopAssignmentExperts and get guidance for brushing up your writing skills or generate content with the help of tools like EssayWriter4u and provide a variety of content to readers.

Remarket To Past Purchaser

This is a tough one to get through. As a company, you will first have to understand why the past purchaser has not come back yet. Was it the price? Was it the quality? Was it the after-sales service? You need to keep your finger on what has caused the purchaser to not return again. If you have identified that, you can then move to create remarketing ads that are attractive enough to pull in the customer. If the price was high, you can create an ad offering discount codes. If the after-sales quality was not at par, you can then create an ad focusing on the same. The ad needs to be pretty good to bring back the customer; this gets tricky sometimes.

Remarket To Newsletter Subscriber

Much like the above point, you will first have to analyze which of the users open the newsletter emails. It is not a wise idea to spend money on subscribers who are not going to respond positively to the retargeting. After that, you can import the user list from the file you have made or directly from MailChimp. If the users aren’t opening up your newsletter; the problem lies with the content, they aren’t getting what they want. You will need to furnish much better quality if you want people them to read the newsletters.  You can start off with tinkering the topics and see if people respond better. You can use online tools like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp to deliver better content to your user base.

Remarket to Free Trial

The main purpose of remarketing is to bring back people who once seemed interested in the services you offered. They are not coming back so you need to find out the reason why. The reasons might vary for that but it can be solved quite easily. You can start off with a free trial of the service to entice people in using the service. If they like the taste of what they get, they will come back again. You must introduce a great proposition to interest the users, it must be written well so the user gives it a serious thought. If you are having problems with writing a proposition like that, you can take help of online tools like PaperDoers to create one.


There are different tactics required to fulfill different purposes. It all depends on what you are hoping to achieve through remarketing. I have listed above ways to go about it. Take help from them. Remember, you can only interest the user with a great proposition or influence them with a piece of excellent writing. Be wise when going for this method or it will be just another try in vain.