5 Ways Freelance Writers Can Create a Professional Brand

Have you ever wondered why some writers are more successful than others? This is because they develop a magnetic brand that generates them leads and sales on autopilot. They are a part of the 5% of successful writers that don’t struggle to get new clients. In fact, they tend to get referrals. And when they do, they get referrals willing to pay their top rates.

Unfortunately for most freelance writers, they end up being in the 95% of writers that are struggling to get by. They are the ones fighting over the leftover work at minimal rates. If you want to change your future, you can start adopt the following tactics that will allow you to stand out and create a credible brand.

Find your niche

You don’t have to be the best writer in the world. You need to write for a specific niche audience that craves the type of content that you create. If people see you as a generalist, you won’t get any work. However, if you are a specialist in writing for new motorcycle designs, then you will be able to get writing work from motorcycle blogs, motorcycle magazines and motorcycle businesses.

Try to connect with a niche that you are passionate about and that is scalable. If you can find this, you will receive constant work once you build up your client list.

Brand yourself and your work with a professional logo and signature

You can easily make your brand more memorable by adding your own custom branding to your publications. Whether it is an embeddable image to be featured within a post that you publish online, or it is a part of your signature, or even your author bio; a recognisable brand logo or signature will help people recall your work.

Find your voice

If you want to win over an audience, you need to find the voice in your writing. The way that you will find your voice is if you tell a story and show the scenes with your writing. You will need to create conflict within the story to create interest and intrigue.

This post shows you a few different ways to create conflict so that you can create a compelling story. If you write long-form content, you can use a scene list.

Build your audience

Get people following you on your email list or social media accounts. When you write, you will have the power of marketing and you will be able to send traffic to the work that you publish. If you write for clients, your readers may become new customers. This is a good negotiating tool and will allow you to command a premium price for the work that you publish.

Get reviews

If you want more sales, get recommendations. You can do this by getting reviews of your services on Google Reviews or TrustPilot. This will increase your credibility with potential customers.

If you apply these tips, you can potentially double your income in the next 12 months. You will also find that you will no longer have to compete to get small writing jobs. So set yourself up for more rewarding writing work today.