How To Increase Traffic To Your Website And Improve Sales

Statistics show that the majority of online users don’t scroll past the first page in the SERPs when conducting a search. However, being ranked that high is extremely challenging, given the fact that the majority of your competitors are investing in at least some basic digital marketing strategies. This is why you need to constantly think of innovative techniques that will put your site in front of the right customers and help you boost your sales.

Here are some of them.

Create Viral Content

In the era of augmented reality, why limit yourself to old- school articles? There are different forms of viral content that grab people’s attention and earn lots of quality traffic and links. First, create visuals. An informative infographic will make it easier for your readers to digest boring stats and data. Engaging videos can also increase your traffic and conversions significantly. Just make sure your content is interesting, relevant, and useful to the people consuming it. And, don’t forget that, in order to get viral, your content needs an initial push. Promote it widely on your different online channels to boost its visibility before it starts generating traffic on its own.

Publish Content on Quality Sites

Guest blogging can give your traffic a nice boost, but only if it’s done right. Look only for those sites that are relevant to your niche and assess them thoroughly before reaching out. Pay attention to the relevancy and the quality of their content, the site’s DA, engagement factors, and page rank to understand whether they’re worth your while.

Most importantly, never guest blog just for the sake of link building. Use this technique to boost your authority and bring value to both a blogger and their readers. Make sure you link back to your site organically. Instead of leading your readers to your homepage, you could link to a relevant blog post that may serve as a valuable resource for them.

The process of guest posting may be overwhelming for small businesses. If you want to handle it in-house, you need to invest in an SEO team and the right tools. Otherwise, you will need an SEO agency, which is probably a less expensive option. No matter how tedious it may seem to you, it pays off. Just imagine how many qualified leads publishing on reputable sites like Forbes or HuffPost would bring to you.

Refurbish your Old Guest Posts

What to do when the hype around your viral posts dies down and you didn’t get the opportunity to leverage their full potential? Well, you can simply repurpose them. Find an extremely outdated blog, remove the tips and strategies that don’t work anymore, add new, fresh data to boost its relevancy, and then publish it as a new post. You could even play with formats. Break your large guide into smaller articles or combine a few related articles into one, highly educative guide. This way, Google will index and rank your post once again, while your readers will share and link to it organically when they recognize its value.

Host a Giveaway

Your customers love free stuff. And, you should love it, too, as it can help you boost your brand awareness and lead generation efforts. For starters, based on the information you’ve collected about your target audiences, choose valuable, attention-worthy rewards for them.

Of course, to enter the giveaway, a user needs to give you their email address.  And, that’s when the magic begins. Once they’re on your email list, you can send them catchy newsletters and remind them of your site without boring them to death. You can even boost your brand’s exposure on social networks by asking people to share UGC, comment on your posts, and share them with their friends in order to get incentivized. Hosting giveaway and similar contests will also show your customers how much you value them and enhance their loyalty to your brand.

Improve Mobile Experiences

Google has recently rolled out their mobile-first index, meaning that it will now index the mobile version of your site. And, the major reason why it did that is the fact that the number of mobile searchers is rising at an astonishing pace and the search engine wants to make their browsing experience as smooth as possible. This is why you need to invest in a responsive design that will shoot up your rankings.

For starters, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to check whether your site is mobile optimized and find out what to do to improve your mobile customers’ experiences. Speed up your site using Google AMP, optimize your content for mobile, avoid intrusive pop-ups, simplify your navigation to guide a customer down the sales funnel, and make sure your CTAs, links, and forms are finger-friendly. Your sleek mobile design will entice people to your site and motivate them to buy from you regularly.

Over to You

Irrespective of the competitiveness of the digital landscape, SEO can still deliver amazing results if implemented wisely. Keep track of the major industry trends, pay attention to your target audience’s preferences, and always strive to deliver highly relevant and personalized content and offers to them.    

How do you improve your traffic and conversion rate?