8 Tips to Run a Successful eCommerce Business in 2019

Launching a new e-commerce business or managing the old one is difficult due to the increasing number of competitors but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

All you have to do is focus on the right strategies that actually work. Here are 8 e-commerce tips that will help your online business stand out in 2019.


If you have successfully developed a platform for your store, make sure that all the features are working correctly. The platform should be user-friendly and easier to navigate.

The products should be categorized with original product images and described properly in the description with its specifications. If it’s a clothing store, there should be a sizing chart for measuring.

Optimize store for mobile

The percentage of smartphone users is way higher than desktop users. Make sure that your store is properly optimized for smartphone users. Do not use high-res images of your product, it would take more time to load and try to keep the pages as light as you can. The slow opening of the page could turn off any potential buyer.

Focus on social media marketing

Marketing is a fundamental tool for the unbeaten run of your store and the best way to promote your brand is through Social Media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are places with a vast number of audience.

Facebook has its own tool called Facebook Ads which helps in finding the target audience for your products. Through these platforms, there are higher chances for you to drive traffic and sales to your store.

Create guides about your products

Content plays a significant role when it comes to running an online store. Whether you’re selling leather jackets, tech gadgets, or any related items, having your own blog page is the best option to provide information to the audience.

It convinces customers that you’re not only doing business but also providing helpful tips on how to use or maintain the purchased item.

Create engaging blogs that are shareable and add many images as you can as it visually appeals to your readers.

SEO should be good

In order to dominate the search engine, implement the best SEO strategies available. SEO is like a race for every business because everyone wants their business to be on the top page.

According to a research, 90% of users open first three links of the google searches, so if you want to be on the top three of them, then you need to apply a proper SEO tactics on your website. Use relevant long keywords for a chance of ranking.

Better customer support

Make sure to provide instant support to your customer. Online stores are all about customers, keep that in mind that customer is always right. Customer should always be your priority. Check complaints and queries and try to solve them as quickly as possible.

Provide multiple options to communicate such as live chat feature for 24/7 support or official email address so they can respond through emails. Resolving issues rapidly will improve customer’s trust and create a better image for the company.

Simplified user experience

The store should have an easy navigation system. From add-to-cart to the payment page, everything should work smoothly. Provide better access to pages and include call-to-action (CTA) buttons for quicker response.

Privacy and security

Customer satisfaction should be your keen interest.  Users prefer shopping websites that starts with “https” instead of “http” so you need to look if your website has the “S” in the end. To ensure customer purchase from your store, provide safe payment services like PayPal because it ensure seamless shopping experience and some of the best ecommerce stores uses this option.