Why You Should Be Constantly Getting Customer Feedback

This is why you should be getting customer feedback constantly

Growing your customer base is very important for every business. However, in order to do that, you need to constantly receive and apply feedback received from current customers.

Customer feedback is one tried and true, time-tested way for getting invaluable, real-time information about your products or services. It will help you gain much great insights than you could ever get from any other software.

In fact, it helps that software by providing context to the analytics.

Feedback helps measure customer satisfaction

Asking for customer feedback will help you to see what your customers like or don’t like about your product or service. Even better, it will help you to see how well-suited your product or service fits with your overall customers.

What this means is that you’ll be able to adjust the parts that are not doing well. If you can measure your customers’ feedback, you can pinpoint the parts that aren’t working well and work on improving those to increase satisfaction.

Feedback helps with the marketing

Your marketing will be much better and more targeted when you get an adequate amount of customer feedback.

This feedback can help you in both getting qualified leads and converting those leads into actual buyers or subscribers.

By gauging your current customers’ attitudes about your product or service, you’ll be able to find out what the events are that triggered their decision to purchase or click on your link. Perhaps it was the design of the landing page, the copy, the Facebook ad or image, the special offer, or one of many other possibilities.

If you happen to spot a trend in your customers’ answers, you’ll know to highlight that key triggering event and working on the others to make them more effective.

Feedback helps keep your customers around

It’s been shown that it’s actually up to 25 times cheaper to retain a customer than it is to get a new one.

This is very important for businesses that are always trying to increase revenue and decrease costs at the same time. Asking for customer feedback helps you to understand what your current customers are feeling. Because the market and the customer changes almost constantly, if you know what they like and dislike, you’ll be able to adjust as necessary and keep them around longer.

Even better, when your customers see that you are enacting the changes they mentioned to you in their feedback, they will feel that you are a caring company and this will increase brand loyalty.

Get feedback constantly

These are some of the most important aspects that come with asking for and receiving customer feedback. Of course, there is a good proportion of customers who won’t want to provide feedback. That’s why it’s important to remain vigilant and try to get a significant amount of feedback (at least in the hundreds) relative to the amount of customers that you have.

There’s also another reason to consistently ask for feedback, and that’s because everything changes all the time, and asking only once (for example in 2014) might work for that time period, but it won’t work now.

If you make it a regular part of your business model, you’ll soon find that your brand loyalty and revenue increasing steadily.