The Apps You Need to Manage Remote Teams

Get these amazing tools to manage your remote teams effectively

The 21st century job market is filled with employees and freelancers working remotely. This provides the benefit of not just cutting down on costs, but also throwing a wider net when trying to get the best employees.

Although those are fantastic aspects, it’s not all so rosy. One problem with remote teams is that they are, of course, not in close physical contact with the other team members, which can lead to a whole host of problems.

In addition to that physical disadvantage, it is also possible for there to be psychological isolation amongst the team members.

But there’s a way to remedy and even avoid that. We’ve already discussed the most important marketing tools you need. So today we’ll look at some amazing apps that can help you manage your remote teams better.

#1 Skype

This one is a no-brainer, really. Instead of paying for expensive software, which can also be complicated, get the most popular video calling and VoIP software available.

Almost everyone has Skype and it’s always easy to use. It is a very professional, socially- and professionally-acceptable means of communication that will help your remote team stay in contact from their coworking space or coffee shop.

#2 Skitch

This is a great program that lets you quickly and easily annotate screenshots. (Although it’s not officially available anymore, you can find older versions online.)

One difficult thing when you’re not physically in contact with someone is to explain to them some process or action you want done. That’s why you have Skitch, which allows you to write on, edit, and put boxes and arrows on whatever screenshots you choose.

#3 Wunderlist

This is a great task management tool that has an easy-to-use, simple user interface and controls.  This makes it wonderfully easy to track your tasks, allowing you to focus on completing work instead of wondering whether everyone else is doing theirs.

The task management service also lets you prioritize tasks. You can even break bigger tasks down into smaller tasks for ease.

#4 Dropbox

This is one of the most popular cloud storage services and most widely used for file sharing, right after Google Drive.

It has lots of great benefits, such as low pricing for a large amount of storage, as well as great protection.

What’s best about this tool is that it can be integrated with so many different apps that you’re already probably using. This makes not only for an easy transition, but it means you and your team can easily share and edit files from wherever you are.

#5 Slack

The last one is the famous messaging app that’s nearly revolutionized the business world.

It is often portrayed as an email-killer (although email will always survive in one form or another). It makes it easy for teams to communicate, without getting bogged down by the disadvantages of emailing and helps you stay focused.

This is done by using messaging instead of email, which benefits the team greatly.

As with all of these other services, it’s important not to go overboard with messaging where you’re essentially distracting yourself and others from doing the work that needs to be done.

With these amazing tools, you’ll be able to really get a good grip on your remote teams.