5 Tips to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Many marketing experts talk about eCommerce conversion rates. According to them, if you can improve your eCommerce conversion rates, the better. 

It means you can improve the return on investment of marketing expenditure. What’s more, your margins will also increase within a short time.  

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So, this article will share five tips to help you do this in the quickest way possible. With everything constant, you should see results. 

But, let’s first understand the actual term before we start exploring the five crucial tips. 

What Is an Ecommerce Conversion Rate? 

It is the number of visitors who buy from you converted into a percentage form. Here is a basic example to help you get a perfect picture of how to calculate your ECR. 

So, let’s say you only make 70 sales from all the 2000 people that visit your site. Then, your ECR would be something like below. 

Take 70 divided by 2000. It gives 3.5% as your conversion rate. 

Research shows that average conversion rates cutting across the whole eCommerce sector exists. It ranges between 1 and 4%. 

But, you can attain high eCommerce conversion rates by following the right strategies. If you boost your conversion rate by one or two percent, the chances of doubling your sales are higher.  

Top 5 Tips to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rates 

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1. Optimize Your Content 

One needs to create compelling and thorough product descriptions. High-grade content and correct photos too help to improve your conversion rates.  

If you aren’t careful, both images and content can decrease your return rates. Images should be of the exact product you are describing. Thus, make sure you take them from various angles. Besides, it is better if you can add a 360 degrees video or image.  

The primary word on images is quality. It has to be top-notch. It might sound like one of those no-brainers, but this could increase or decrease your ECR.  

In short, it means you might incur the cost of hiring a product photographer. They will help with creating photos you need. Some sellers have small studios to handle this in their workspaces. 

They can take photos as soon as new products arrive. As a result, it can save them time and money. Moreover, customers can see their goods as the first entry into the market before other sellers post.  

So, don’t you think it is an excellent way of convincing customers to buy from you? 

Remember, user-generated content and reviews are also equally essential. Some marketing platforms help to simplify curating and building such content. You can improve customer engagement through wish lists and loyalty programs.  

2. Improve the Shopping Experience 

Customers have a list they are currently viewing on their screens. Thus, using a tool or app on your platform should help.  

You can use apps or tools to populate the similar products you offer or the ‘also viewed’ ones. These will fall below the list that is currently under viewing. 

This customization will glue shoppers to your site until they can get what they want.  

If you are selling children’s toys and furniture, offer a wide variety. Group them by learning goals or activities. 

You can group them in a section with things that the searcher might also like. That makes it easy for users to convert instead of navigating away from your site. 

3. Make the Checkout Process Easy 

Make sure your website has very few clicks through the checkout process. A process with more clicks is terrible. It will increase the chances of shoppers abandoning their carts.  

A reason why most shoppers abandon their carts is not wanting to create accounts. Most merchants want you to create your account in the early phase of the checkout process. 

They do this to get emails for remarketing and sending cart abandonment campaigns.  

You can add an email section in the first steps of checking out but have a guest option. It helps you get the marketing information and your final sale.  

Besides, some customers also complain about long and complicated checkout processes.  

Thus, do away with any distractions on your page. Give clear instructions to make the process straightforward. Moreover, have a progress bar to show buyers the number of steps they need to complete the process.  

Some websites don’t show the total buying price upfront. It can affect ECR. Thus, make sure you add all estimated shipping fees and taxes in the early stages of checking out.  

A small number of customers say they don’t trust the site as it asks for credit card details. Display images of major credit cards your business accepts. It helps to establish trust with your shoppers.  

What’s more, you can include logos of other applicable payment options. Displaying security badges should also help build credibility and further trust.  

4. Give Free Shipping 

Research shows that most online shoppers value free shipping. It is their most significant incentive to buy products.  

If you are offering free shipping, state this on all sales pages.  

It may help in boosting your conversion rates and gaining sales. Look into your order fulfillment operation and make this workable.  

While at it, you want to offer consistent, reliable, and faster shipping with a good company.  

5. Embrace AI – Use Chatbots 

AI is developing at a faster rate, and it is impacting eCommerce positively. Sellers are choosing to use technology to cut down on costs. It also saves time, thus making more money.  

Chatbots converse with the seller. Research shows that up to 87% of all interactions happen without human intermediaries.  

Ensure to track the customer interactions. Also, document the implementation of the chatbot. While calculating your ECR, you can identify how much the tool influences the rates.  

What Is an Ideal E-Commerce Conversion Rate in 2021? 

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The standard ECR will vary depending on geography and product categories.  

In some countries, it is about 1.4%. High-label goods like furniture will have lower conversion rates. Besides, it could drop to 0.4% as buyers take longer to research and consider big orders. Pet care conversion rates are higher at about 3.28%.  

In short, it is crucial to calculate your ECR against the others in your sector.  

Final Thoughts! 

Once your eCommerce conversion rates rise, this could stress your operations too. 

In business, we term this a good problem. And, every company wishes to suffer from such good issues. 

Thus, ensure that the supply chain fulfillment and logistics are in place. It is crucial to ensure that you can meet the high and increasing demand. That’s the reason many businesses forward their most workloads to sourcing agents.