How to Market Your Business in the Middle of a Pandemic

market your business during pandemic

If you’re a business owner, the chances are very slim that your commercial operations have come through the Covid-19 pandemic unscathed.

Some studies show that as many as 62% of the small business community have seen their revenues decrease during Covid-19, while many others have been forced to close.

To respond to these business development and see your operations thrive, you’re going to need to be agile and implement some changes to your business processes to stay afloat.

Marketing is one area where you can take back control, so use these five marketing steps to help stay ahead of the competition.

1. Calm Your Customers

Without your customers, you don’t have a business. With such unprecedented economic and social uncertainty, you need to soothe their fears and assure them that you can still offer them a community business model as usual.

There are several ways you can implement this into your business marketing strategy. Regular email updates, along with social media posting and notifications to customer accounts can all help get the right message across.

Customers are understandably harboring real fears for their health and livelihoods, and showing them that your business is aware of their concerns can help build up brand trust.

Employ a calm and level tone in your marketing material to convey a message of positive inappropriate language, and always remind them of your contact details if they have any inquiries of their own.

2. Implement Business Creativity

There’s no guarantee that the marketing tactics you were relying on before the pandemic will still be effective now. In any time of great change and uncertainty, those who take risks usually come out on top.

When it comes to reassessing your marketing strategy in the context of an ongoing pandemic, the more creative you are, the better. The importance of creativity in business cannot be overstated, especially in a crowded market where you have to stand out from the competition.

Marketing your products in unique ways will set you apart from your competitors and catch the eye of an audience making big ongoing adjustments in their personal and professional lives.

So, where to start with some examples of creativity in business? Special offers and unique products always play well, so consider marketing some of your products as care packages or DIY kits.

You can also take advantage of the booming demand for remote business services by offering online showcases, meetings, and classes.

Whatever approach you take, remember that getting creative should be an opportunity to have fun and try out some new ideas.

To brainstorm with any staff or business partners you have to consider the ways that you can make customers want to give you their money during a time when many people are feeling the pinch.

3. Expand Your Business Presence on Social

It’s not as if social media wasn’t popular before the pandemic. However, in the midst of lockdowns and social distancing, social media has become one of the main ways people could stay in touch and forge meaningful personal and business relationships.

With so many of us stuck at home on our smartphones or working on a computer remotely, social media use has reached previously unseen heights.

This means that your business’ social media presence will have the opportunity to reach a much bigger audience. Capitalize on this with a social media marketing campaign that is multi-channel, up to date, and effectively targeted. Some ideas might include:

  • Experiment with paid business advertisements or sponsored posts.
  • Join in conversations or start your own.
  • Operate a contest online to create new brand connections.
  • Post business updates to keep customers in the know.
  • Post special or limited time offers to help generate buzz and activity.

Not only is social media a great way to generate interest in your business, it’s also very cheap relative to how many people it can reach.

4. Develop Virtual Business Relationships

Developing fruitful relationships can be difficult, especially when reaching customers online instead of in person.

However, if you want your business to prosper during the coronavirus, you have to be willing to invest in online relationships. To develop and nurture these online relationships, put yourself in the mind of the customers.

How would you want a business to communicate with you? How would you feel being presented with your current marketing materials?

Maintain honesty, transparency, and openness. If you don’t currently have an ongoing rhythm of business communication with your customers, now is the time to implement it with strategies like email campaigns.

When you’re attempting to connect with your customers in the midst of a pandemic, create materials and communication that’s genuine and empathetic.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic is not yet over, but it’s important for a business to carry on as close to normal as possible.

Business creativity in a marketing campaign can help assure you’re customers that you know what you’re doing and help provide them a sense of security in an uncertain time.

Think of their feelings and empathize with them in your marketing materials.

Have you found creativity and innovation in business during the pandemic? Let us know how in the comments section below.