3 Proven Ways to Boost Your Sales with Quora

These are the best ways to use Quora for your small business

Even though it’s not a traditionally valuable source for businesses, Quora is actually an excellent social marketing path to help you boost your sales.

If you’re not familiar with it, Quora is a platform where people ask questions and anyone can answer them. However, due to intelligent planning or certain other factors. Quora has risen above the deplorable Yahoo Answers.

In fact, all kinds of experts and celebrities come to Quora to give their answers—freely.

It’s not just an important platform for answering questions, but can also help you boost your sales. Let’s see how.

Boost your reputation

One of the biggest reasons that experts, industry leaders and other influencers go to Quora is because it helps people increase their reputation.

Quora has an upvote system, similar to other platforms, but it prominently features those who are the most viewed authors. For example, if you are an inbound marketer, you can be featured as the most viewed (and by insinuation, most respected or most intelligent) answerer.

By that connection, with that increased reputation, people will be more willing to listen to you, visit your blog and of course buy your products or services.

Get long-term traffic

As an business who hopefully has an online presence, you’ll probably want to get more and more people to visit your website.

With more visitors and the same percentage of conversions, you’ll obviously have more real buyers on a daily or weekly basis.  So then, the question becomes how to get those visitors to come.

And the answer is Quora. By posting a well-thought out, intelligent and fitting answer, you can get a good amount of steady traffic to your site. If the topic is relevant and a common pain point for people, more and more people will type the query into Google or into Quora. They will find your answer and many will visit the links you’ve placed in your footer or throughout your answer that lead to your site.

Find what people are looking for

One great way to use Quora is to view it as a research platform.

Businesses advisors are constantly promoting the value of customer feedback about what pains them. If that’s not a possibility for you, or you’ve already done that and need more, you can get that information from Quora.

It’s easy to see—what question in your niche has the most views, comments and followers? This is what people are interested in, and the answer is something they may be willing to pay for.

If not that, you can use that information to write up a blog post that you can be certain will be interesting to people based on the popularity of the original Quora post.

Use Quora for your business

Quora is one of the undervalued resources for small businesses in the online world today. If you make Quora part of your daily habit, you’ll see great increases in visitors to your site and boosts to your sales.