12 Invoicing Templates for Freelancers

Check these best invoicing templates for freelancers

Freelancing itself is complicated enough without the need to take care of your invoicing and worrying about getting paid.

Invoicing templates will help with the invoicing part, and also will make you look more professional. They are very easy to use: just add your freelancing and your customer’s details, and fill out the lines with the work that you’ve done and the amount of money the customer owes you.

We at BusinessLoad gathered a bunch of invoicing templates for freelancers to make your life easier and help you get paid. You can download each template absolutely for free.

Download 12 Free Invoice Templates for Freelancers

Simple Non-VAT Freelancing Template is a simple invoice template, that’s great for those freelancers, who are lucky to be non-VAT payers.

Simple VAT Freelancing Word Template is a simple template for VAT-paying freelancers that doesn’t have any extra info that will be distracting your clients.

Classic Red & Black Freelancing Word Template is a basic invoicing template for freelancers in red and black that will help your invoices stand out.

Basic VAT Freelancing Word Template is clear and simple template that has a VAT line to fill out and looks professional.

Basic Non-VAT Word Template is a classic-looking invoice template for those who don’t need to pay VAT.

Basic UK VAT Freelancing Excel Template is a great solution if you’re a a VAT payer in the UK.

Basic UK VAT Freelancing Word Template is a simple-looking template to keep UK freelancers organized.

Basic Blue Freelancing Excel Template is a good choice for those freelancers who value time, as this template has formulas for calculations.

Classic Khaki Freelancing Excel Template has a unique color scheme to help you stand out and also calculate your numbers for your.

Basic Blue Freelancing Word Template is a clean and clear template for the freelancers, which is all your basically need.

Simple Gray Freelancing Word Template will become a nice solution, and it also has a bit different gray colors in it.

Classic B&W Freelancing Word Template is a basic invoicing template in a Word format that you’ll love.

Now have fun with your invoicing and enjoy BusinessLoad’s free templates.