Yes, Twitter is for Freelancers, Too

These are the best ways freelancers can get new clients with Twitter

Although many people don’t realize it, freelancers can successfully use Twitter for their business as well.

Many people, including small business owners and freelancers, consider Twitter the playing ground of celebrities and politicians. That’s why they choose to remain on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

And while those groups definitely have a huge stake in the social media platform, other groups can find lots of success as well.

But how can freelancers use Twitter to their advantage? Well, that’s what we’ll look at today.

Here are the crucial reasons why Twitter is for freelancers too, and how freelancers can use Twitter to get more clients.

Twitter lets you connect

One of the most important reasons why Twitter can be so effective for freelancers is that it allows them to connect with their followers.

After all, connecting with your clients and keeping them satisfied is one of the most important tasks for any business or freelancer.

Twitter’s rapid-fire exchanges allow you to address customer comments, praises or criticisms quickly and effectively.

Twitter lets you get new clients

Twitter’s roll-out of its Direct Message (DM) feature was a great boost to the platform.

It allows users to send messages to other users that follow them (i.e., no random DMs).

What this does is it presents a golden opportunity for freelancers (who have the right strategy) to get new clients.

One of the problems of DMs (and anything popular on the internet in general) is that there is a lot of spam everywhere.

The good thing about that is that it is very easy to spot spammers. Therefore, freelancers will have a great platform to make their pitches, as the recipients will be able to tell it’s a real message, and not spam.

Get new clients: find how to add value

If you want to get new clients, you need to figure out first how you can add value to the person your contacting.

In order to do that, you will need to do your homework. You need to take a look at the client’s business or website and find out information related to your niche.

After that, look for holes in their delivery or find out ways that you can help them in some way.

Get new clients: make your DMs short and to the point

Next, you’ll need to contact these potential clients. They probably won’t have too much time (and anyways, Twitter is for short, quick messages, not essays).

Therefore, you can’t just DM them with your cover letter and resume and quotes from former clients. That’s for later.

Now you’ll need to simply send a message composed of four parts:

  1. what you like/appreciate about their business
  2. what you can add to their business
  3. your credentials/experience
  4. what you want from them (the ‘ask’)

Keep each part about 1-2 sentences, and that will be perfect.

You’ll see that you’ll start getting positive responses after some time, the more you work and adapt your messages.

These tips will definitely help you increase your clients and boost your revenue and sales. And then you’ll have evidence of all the benefits Twitter can bring for freelancers.

Good luck!